3 event promotion ideas that every event planner must consider

event promotion ideas

3 event promotion ideas that every event planner must consider

Event planners in London are always looking for ways to improve their attendance and engagement numbers – with so many events happening in the city each week, you need to use all the tools available to maximise your chances of success.

Luckily, even though there’s steep competition, you can still make your event stand out – whether you’re organising an awards show or simply want to generate excitement for corporate team building activities, there are plenty of creative ways to get your message out there and generate a positive response.

To get you started, here are a few proven event promotion methods that you should consider if you want to quickly fill your attendee lists.

Use Your Attendees to Help Promote Your Event


Getting your event to stand out in a big city like London can be a challenge, so if you want to make the most out of your marketing resources and reach a wider audience, you need to encourage your attendees to promote your event to their friends and colleagues.

Getting your attendees to contribute can be incredibly effective because it not only helps to spread your message but also provides much better engagement with your guests and serves as powerful social proof that shows that real people are excited about your event.

Encourage people to take pictures of themselves in your event or in anticipation of your event, and create catchy hashtags that people will be more likely to share on their social media feeds.

Use Content to Generate Interest


Content is what drives the most organic activity online – it’s what millions of people log in to see and share on their social media feeds, blogs, websites, and other media platforms.

That’s why you should use content to generate interest for your event and position yourself as an authority in your field by providing useful and insightful information through various mediums.

If you can use content to generate interest around your event by discussing its agenda, guests, or significance, you can attract more attention and gain recognition that reaches further than traditional marketing methods.

Use Influencer Marketing


One of the fastest-growing marketing approaches that’s especially effective for promoting events is influencer marketing.

Basically, it involves reaching an agreement with a prominent social media figure in your field to promote your event to his following.

It’s great if you can approach an A-list influencer with millions of followers, but even if you don’t have the budget for it, you can still use influencer marketing with great results.

Instead of going for the big players, you could target micro-influencers who have anywhere from a few thousand to 50 or a 100 thousand subscribers, which can still provide you with incredible results because smaller audiences tend to be more focused and engaged.

Influencers often have a dedicated following that trusts their judgment and recommendations, so if you can come up with a message promoting your event that’s on point with your brand and his voice, it could be the best event promotion strategy that you use in 2019.