3 ideas to help promote your brand during a virtual event

3 ideas to help promote your brand during a virtual event

branding has always been a key factor in events and that should not change when going virtual. when hosting a live event there are usually tons of ways to utilise spots for branding however it is not always that simple when it come to the virtual world. you will need to plan and ahead to make sure your brand really stands out.

create branded backgrounds for speakers

simple if you are running an event on zoom or something similar. a static virtual background on with your company logo and colours will help enhance your brand visibility throughout the event. you can go as crazy as you like on these, if you have an inhouse graphic designer why not look at adding some animations.

the use of social media

social media is a great way to get your brand and message out to the world quickly. make sure your event platform has links to social media outlets that will allow attendees to share your content.

the swag!

everyone loves a bit of swag! at a live event you will usually pick up a lot of branded items, that should be no different for virtual. yes it may take more time and effort to organise but it is a great marketing tool.

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