3 places to organise a Team Building Event in London

Places to organise team building event

3 places to organise a Team Building Event in London

Team building activities can be very effective at increasing the productivity in the workplace, improving communications between colleagues, and helping the office become a more cohesive place.

Yet, the announcement of upcoming corporate team building activities rarely entices a positive reaction – people are afraid that they’re going to be forced to perform awkward or corny tasks that won’t bring any positive results.

That’s why choosing a location that sparks an interest among your employees is essential – if you can select a venue that’s intriguing and unusual, you’ll have a much easier time getting everyone excited.

And to help you choose the right venue in London, here are a few great options that can work for team building events or even as part of incentive travel.

York Lawns, Regent Park

York Lawns is one of the most beautiful places in central London that also offers unparalleled tranquility and peace, surrounded by Regent’s Park’s beautiful scenery.

While the venue is very popular as a summer party location, it can work just as well for team-building events – the large outdoor area means that there’s plenty of room for various activities and games, or for having a casual get-together that allows colleagues to unwind and get to know each other outside of work.

The central location means that it won’t be difficult to access from anywhere in the city. In fact, the Baker Street tube is located nearby so it can be conveniently reached by public transport.

Natural History Museum, Cromwell Road

While you wouldn’t think of the Natural History Museum as a potential location for team building activities, that’s precisely what might make it the perfect solution for your needs.

After it closes its doors for the daily visitors, the museum offers the option to rent out the space for various corporate activities, employing the museum’s stunning interior and collection to help achieve your team building goals.

You could arrange for a museum guide to give you and your team a private tour of the exhibits and provide with a unique experience your employees can bond over.

But that’s not all that you can get.

The museum offers a range of team-building packages that include challenges such as exploring the museum, answering questions and solving puzzles. The museum can help you personalise the activities so that they match up with your goals and your individual preferences, but one thing’s for sure – no matter what specific activities you choose, it’s going to be a memorable evening for everyone involved.

Hedsor House, Buckinghamshire

If you’re looking for a truly spectacular venue that’s still not too far from London, you can’t go wrong with Hedsor House in Buckinghamshire.

Located just around an hour’s drive from London, this Italianate-style mansion, surrounded by the beautiful historic park, makes for a perfect place for your team building events.

You can organise an exciting treasure-hunt through the majestic Oaken Grove, fire a medieval cannon with your colleagues, or, if you’re up for a more modern activity, take a spin at the thrilling 4X4 off-road track.

The venue will be more than happy to assist you with putting together the perfect team building activity, and if you want professional help to make the organising process easier, you can always use the services of a conference venue finder who will help you sort out all of the details.