3 Places to Organise Your Corporate Conferences

Organise Your Conference Event

3 Places to Organise Your Corporate Conferences

Finding the right venue for your corporate events is important – without a suitable place to host your event, it would be almost impossible to get through your agenda as planned.
But finding the right venue can be difficult – without the help of professional conference organisers in the UK, sorting through hundreds of sites until you find the one that meets your needs is too big of a challenge for many companies.
Luckily, even if you don’t have a reliable venue finder in London to help you with your search, we can offer some help.
Here are three places where you could organise a corporate conference, each with their own unique characteristics that fit well for different scenarios.

1. Bounce Farrington

Bounce venues offer a wide range of spaces for different types of business events and conferences – they have years of experience of hosting top-quality events that allow guests to focus on their agenda instead of having to worry about planning and executing the details.
The venue offers fixed per person pricing packages that include conference spaces, food, drinks and some additional options that can be worked out by contacting the owner of the venue depending on your individual needs.
The main space can fit up to 450 people if standing, 200 people in a theatre setting, and up to 70 with cabaret-style seating. It also includes a state-of-the-art 10ft-wide cinematic screen with an HD projector for giving quality presentations and speeches.
Having everything in one place allows you to forego hiring an event agency in London because the venue can offer everything.

2. The Lab from Stillpoint Spaces London

If you’re looking for a smaller, more elegant, and cosy option, you can’t go wrong with the Lab from Stillpoint Spaces London.
Although it’s considerably smaller than the first option, being able to fit 45 people seated or up to 60 standing, the Lab certainly offers its own benefits in terms of convenience, style, and necessary amenities.
It can help you comfortably host events, talks, lectures, or even small conferences on weekday evenings or the weekends, providing a projector, screen, and speakers for enhancing presentations or playing media.
The unique style and design of the venue make it a popular choice for book launches, exhibitions, or even film premieres, but it’s just as suitable for corporate events that want a space that’s a little more unique.

3. Battersea Evolution

For a truly spectacular space for the biggest events such as expos or large conferences, then Battersea Evolution might be the perfect option for your needs.
It’s a truly massive 5,500 square meter venue that can comfortably fit 2,000 people sitting and up to 4,000 standing.
Set in the very heart of the Battersea Park, the venue has been host to some of the more prominent London events of the past years, including ceremonies, product launches, conferences, and much more.
The all-inclusive venue provides everything you might need and allows to completely customise the site to fit your style and vision.
The space is even able to offer in-house catering and provide alcohol for up to 2,000 people, which can make organising a massive event much more manageable.