Plan your event in advance


Event planning is a complicated process.
Even when putting together something as seemingly simple as team building events, it can get complicated quickly – figuring out the logistics alone is a difficult task, and that’s just a small part of putting together the event.
But how much time should you give yourself to plan an event? And does it even matter how late you start?
Well, read on below and find out why any good event planner will always give himself plenty of time to put together an event.

You Could Miss Out on the Best Venues

An obvious reason for why you should start planning your event early is that otherwise, you might be left with having to choose from venues that are far from being the best suited for your event.
No matter what type of event you want to put together, you can be sure that there are plenty of similar events put together by event production companies that will need similar venues as you, so whoever manages to book the best venues first will have a much better shot of putting together a successful event.
Having to scramble for an event venue at the last second will likely force you to make compromises that you wouldn’t otherwise even consider. The venue is a central part of any event, and it largely decides how everything will go, so choosing one that checks off all the right boxes is absolutely essential.
To give yourself the best chance, start making a list of all the things that you need from your event venue as soon as possible – that will allow you to quickly rule out the majority of venues that don’t fit and focus on those that have the most potential.

Everything Becomes More Expensive the Later You Book It

Another reason why giving yourself plenty of time to plan an event is essential lies in the fact that the closer you get to your event date, the most expensive all the services and supplies that you’ll need are likely to become.
And that goes beyond just the venue.
As your event nears closer, even finding suppliers, caterers and entertainment will become more difficult and more expensive. What’s more, the best events suppliers are usually booked many months in advance, so you’ll likely need to choose from less experienced options.
Even something as simple as travel tickets can become a few times more expensive if you have to buy them on short notice, so it always makes sense to give yourself plenty of time to reserve all the arrangements that you’ll need.

You Won’t Have Time to Think of Everything

Finally, even if you do manage to find a suitable venue and suppliers on short notice, actually coming up with a coherent plan for your event that will make everything go smoothly is a whole different challenge that you’ll need to deal with.
Without giving yourself enough time, you won’t have time to think through all the details that go into your event, so it’s much less likely that you’ll be able to make the right decisions regarding your choices in the first place.
Putting together an event requires you to clearly identify the event’s goals and then map out the entire event based on many criteria it has to fit. If you don’t give yourself at least a couple of month’s for fine-tuning your plan, it’s all but guaranteed to be incomplete and miss at least a few vital details that can ultimately decide its success.