3 reasons why you should visit Amsterdam

3 reasons why you should visit Amsterdam

The canals

The canals aren’t just there for amazing Instagram pictures, although it will get you heaps of likes… it was actually built during the 17th century in order to accommodate the city’s ever growing industry. These picturesque waterways are now collectively protected by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, meaning you are never short of somewhere relaxing to sit and enjoy a well deserved rest. A canal cruise is one of the best ways to see the city and there are many you can try. You can take on your standard canal cruise in a traditional canal boat or opt in for something a bit different like the romantic candlelight cruise.


The bikes

The big thing that the city is famous for: bikes!  You can walk just about everywhere in Amsterdam but cycling is probably the quickest and easiest way to see it all. Leisurely bike rides, tour of the city by bike, cycling to the local pub at night or whatever it is you want to do… the bike is best! 


The food

Whether its Michelin starred fine dining, a grab and go street waffle or some hot truffle chips that you are after, Amsterdam covers it all.  The Hotel Okura boasts five restaurants, four of which are Michelin starred, so it’s well worth a visit if you fancy the finer things in life. By night, all the restaurants and bars around the ‘Dam’ area are busy, and sitting outside is a great way to people-watch and experience the Amsterdam nightlife. Be sure to check out Supperclub, where guests dine in beds and eat alongside impressive performances!


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