4 Hidden Benefits of Team Building Activities

Team building Activities

4 Hidden Benefits of Team Building Activities

Teams that can effectively work together and collaborate on tasks in a productive way are more likely to succeed. This sounds like a simple task but with an organisation filled with diverse personalities, locations, and interests, this can be a very difficult task. Having a team that can work on a higher level of collaboration can be extremely beneficial to the overall output of a company but the question which is asked is how do you effectively grow collaboration within the workplace.

This is where using collaborative activities such as team building activities to promote togetherness and collaboration can assist in helping organisations build teams that feel comfortable working together. Seven Events offer all types of team building activities as either stand-alone events or as an aspect of a large event, from indoor team building activities in which guests can get hands on to remote virtual team building activities so that teams that are based wherever in the world can enjoy the benefits of team building activities. In this blog, we aim to highlight four of the hidden benefits of team-building exercises for individuals and organisations.

Connect Remote Workers

When we think of team building events, typically people assume this involves gathering a group of people at a set location to partake in a team-building activity. However, what Covid-19 has proven is that team building events and corporate team building events can be an extremely powerful tool to connect remote workers. Utilising one of the Seven Events virtual team building activities can enable remote workers to build stronger relationships. In an age in which working from home is now the forefront of working life, using activities to increase productivity, retention, engagement and morale are critical to a successful team. Team building allows workers who may work for the same organisation, but not in the same team to work together in a way that is different from their day to day role.

Increased Collaboration

Indoor team building events at a venue have the ability to increase the levels of collaboration between teams. The tasks are focused on extracting who has the knowledge required to proceed. Choosing a specific team-building activity that people can enjoy as groups mean employees can build relationships and develop networks of contacts outside their day-to-day role that will help them in the future. People tend to have a larger imagination when they are around people they are comfortable with. Successful team building events not only bring people closer together, but also contribute to a more successful and creative workplace

Enhance Company Culture

Company culture can be explained as the values, norms, goals, and attitudes that exist within your organisation. Company culture is an integral part to running a successful organisation. If we take the examples of Google and Apple, which demonstrate that creating a positive company culture can be key to being ahead of the competition with your workforce, additionally job seekers value company culture extremely highly when searching for new roles.

The role team building events can play in improving the company culture is that these activities promote positive dialogue between all the workers in an office which will then transition when back into the office. They also provide a creative opportunity to understand the employees wants and needs and give management a chance to understand the deeper motivations of employees to contribute to a positive environment.

Encourage Creativity and Discover Leaders

Every organisation aims to have a workforce that is grounded in innovation and creativity. Having a team that can provide diverse perspectives and approaches to tasks allows an organisation to have a fresh appeal. 

Creating a team building activity that promotes and encourages employees to use their imagination and creativity to devise creative solutions not only promotes creativity in the workplace but it enables an environment in which colleagues feel comfortable voicing ideas.

Team building exercises can also provide an environment that is more relaxed and creative and as a result of this hidden skills of employees may be discovered. Leaders and creatives may come to the forefront of the tasks. Having a calendar of regularly scheduled team-building activities can allow employees to grow confidence in the workplace.