4 Ways to Drive Event Marketing Insights from Software Integration

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4 Ways to Drive Event Marketing Insights from Software Integration

Software integration is combining multiple types of software systems to create one unified system. Event marketing insights is the collation of event data that is then translated into practical information that can be applied to event strategy, is the simpler term the behavior behind the data. These event software integrations can connect all the layers of your event in a streamlined and effective manner, showing all the data gathered; together. This can, in turn, allow for context to be created in a way it wouldn’t previously give more meaning to what is collected from event participants or potential participants.

Below are some of the ways that virtual event agencies use software and integrated software to gather marketing insights and explore how this will help drive their events.

Proving your ROI and creating a long term strategy

When considering your event marketing, it is important to focus on the wider event strategy also. This can sometimes be difficult as data is often found in multiple places; however, if you are able to collate all of your data with an integrated platform, there is often more of an opportunity to spot trends and understand the information gathered. Having a one-stop-shop where your registrations, emails, feedback, and contacts can all be housed together will allow you to monitor all data accurately to set achievable long-term objectives, make strategic decisions, drive ROI and build a cohesive event strategy.

Creating hybrid capabilities

In this day and age, especially with the hurdles of the pandemic, everyone now expects on-demand video and engaging virtual content. Through software utilization, virtual event agencies can begin to understand attendee behavior through how they explore virtual content, how long they stay engaged on a webinar, or even from live feedback on virtual event platforms, providing critical data to be used in marketing and event solutions. It then can go beyond who attended and who didn’t, or who wanted to fill out a feedback form to behavioral patterns of attendees and engagement on a different level.

Personalization of the attendee experience

As virtual event agencies gather more information through their choice of integrated event software, we are able to build a more comprehensive picture of each event attendee. Using virtual event platforms can not only help gather information but also allows you to offer information tailored to each person. Be it agendas that are personalized, set times based on their previous preference, or recommend talks that they have shown interest in. The more you know about your event attendees and how they engage with live, virtual or hybrid content, the more you can cater to their needs – the data isn’t always what is important, but it is what insights this data is able to show us.

Connectivity for all

Taking it one step further, you can explore how leveraging your virtual event platform to develop a native iOS or Android App, which replicates the online event platform for attendees to access regardless of their location, will increase the interactivity and access to your event and therefore broaden the reach your event has and increase the ability to collect marketing insights.

Social media

Social media is essential when it comes to events, and even if social media channels are not connected to other event software, it can also gather useful information to support your data. Virtual event agencies could use social media as a way of reinforcing insights gathered from event software through a virtual event platform; such as by posting short videos introducing what the event will be about or snapshots of all of your sessions to see what garners the most clicks, or profiles of keynote speakers to understand who people are excited about. This can not only help create a buzz, but it also can deliver a vast amount of data to you about your audience, but it has been delivered to them in a unique way.

As part of striving towards maximizing our event marketing insights through software, here at Seven Events, we have developed our own online virtual platform called Hubseven. Hubseven is an integrated event application that creates an authentic event experience for attendees on a web-based platform. We also offer an event application that is built automatically based on your virtual platform.