5 Entertainment Ideas For Your Christmas Party

5 Entertainment Ideas For Your Christmas Party

Glitter Artist

Amazing face paint artists will really impress with their beautiful glitter artistry and will get your guests in the mood to party. Artists can set up a glitter station or be free to roam meaning they can make their own way around the party offering fun and exciting designs to guests as they network and enjoy a glass of bubbles.








Photobooths are always a hit at any party, and what better way to document the evenings events (even if some are best forgotten). Choose from photobooths that can come fully branded with a full back drop, to a ball pit photobooth to bring the big kid out in your guests.


What better way to get your guests up and dancing then a DJ who can pull out the crowd pleasers? Well maybe you could also opt for a DJ/Violin duo or DJ with full band, something your guests will be talking about for weeks after.


Drink Entertainment

Now of course no Christmas party is complete without plenty of alcoholic, so what better way to entertain your guests then with something boozy? Why not try a cocktail fountain, this marvellous fountain can cater almost any flavour cocktail? And this ever-flowing fountain of delicious tipsiness, will make you so tipsy you will feel like the Lord or Lady of your very own alcoholic wonderland.


Now for the show stopper, ever wondered if there was musical talent floating around the office? Bandaoke is a sure way to find out just that. In essence, Bandaoke is quite simple: audience members choose a song from a menu and get up and sing with a live band, what better way to bring out the talent and get your guests interacting with each other.

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