5 exciting incentive travel programs trends for the top performers

5 exciting incentive travel programs trends for the top performers

recognizing your employees for their hard work and commitment to the business equals a successful workplace culture, reducing turnover, boosting morale and loyalty, and improving daily performance. this is where incentive travel programmes come in.

in an increasingly millennial workplace, there is a natural desire for such programs to be transformational, wow experiences, which are much more than your typical ‘organised fun’. while the demand is to be more meaningful, more adventurous, and more cultural, groups are often in search of optimum luxury, all while being sustainable.

below we have outlined exciting incentive travel programs trends for you to consider when building your next trip:

make it luxury

with the company’s adopting annual incentive travel programmes, each year there is a push to exceed the last. bigger, better, bolder – from accommodation amenities, room types and seascapes to plush interiors, the modern-day incentive traveller is looking for a comfortable space that oozes luxury.

like most, service is always remembered; ensure your accommodation and service levels match the level you set for the trip. personal touches can help with this; monogrammed bath robes, bag drops or even a welcome in room gift are all great ways to create a unique and exclusive experience for your guests.

ensure its inclusive

your incentive travel programs are there as treats for your employees, and so it is imperative that guests feel like their requirements and needs are accommodated, plus any niceties are covered. keeping your programmes ‘ all-inclusive’ ensures that your guests have the luxury of choice. including all of their ‘wants’ will make for a memorable experience.

with all meals, drinks and activities included, you ensure that everyone receives the same experience. always remember that you are rewarding; your employees are giving up their time – whether this be an overnight stay or 3 days out of their week; you want to make this worth their while and ensure they are not put out.

the luxury of an all-inclusive experience means your guests can enjoy without worrying about how much they are spending – they also have the flexibility to partake in what they want to; having your entire experience paid for (including all extras) is unbeatable perk to these trips and heightens the exclusivity of them. it is a timeless trend which is fast becoming a necessity.

source: https://unsplash.com/photos/ln2R1wJ8TCM

1) tailor your destination

during the initial stages of planning your incentive travel programs, the main goal is to determine an incentive travel destination. a popular trend is selecting destinations that aren’t typical to visit – this is a very easy way to create a ‘once in a lifetime’ experience. further, in considering the demographic of your guests, you will find that different performers desire different experiences. while some will welcome a tropical beach escape, others will thrive off city breaks; offering your guests, a choice of destination or the chance to impact the final decision will make them feel valued. equally this can extend to the choice of activities. some may be sportier, and some may be avid foodies; asking and considering is a level of attention that not everyone adopts. this is a trend we may see increasing as more companies put more focus into their incentive travel programs.

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2) remember the culture

travellers want to connect with the places they visit in a more meaningful way, which is why cultural experiences are one of the top incentive travel trends. we are seeing an increasing trend for activities that also enable guests to experience the truest form of the destination they have travelled to. guests are valuing the importance of soaking up the culture and having a chance to see the destination. a great way to achieve this is through tours, walking, segway, even food, are all great ideas to combine an activity with sightseeing. equally, note that your incentive travel programs do not need to be jam packed; give your guests some time to explore in their own time – this will be appreciated.

3) keep it sustainable

travellers are now more mindful than ever on travelling sustainably; ensure your company values are carried through to your incentive travel programs. using travel providers that partner with environmental organisations and activities that are conscious of their footprint are great ways to intertwine this through your programme. small tokens are noticed, and the value is often overlooked. 

Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/vyiDIiYELlE