5 Powerful Strategies to Connect and Engage Conference Attendees: A Guide for Corporate Event Planners

Conference Attendees

5 Powerful Strategies to Connect and Engage Conference Attendees: A Guide for Corporate Event Planners

In the world of corporate events, conferences hold a special place as they bring together industry professionals and potential clients under one roof. however, organising a successful conference goes beyond logistics and venue selection. to truly create an impactful experience, corporate event planners need to focus on engaging conference attendees. in this blog post, we will delve into five powerful strategies to help you build connections and enhance attendee engagement, leaving a lasting impression on participants.

create interactive sessions and workshops:

one of the keys to engaging conference attendees is by offering interactive sessions and workshops. traditional lectures and presentations can be monotonous and fail to hold participants’ attention. instead, focus on creating interactive sessions that encourage active participation. incorporate group activities, hands-on exercises, and Q&A sessions to engage interactions between attendees and speakers.

to create engaging workshops, consider the following:

Conference Attendees


1. incorporate technology: use polling apps or interactive presentation tools to involve the audience in real time. this enhances engagement and provides valuable insights into attendees’ opinions and preferences.

2. facilitate networking opportunities: design sessions that promote networking among participants. breakout sessions, roundtable discussions, and team-building activities allow attendees to connect with like-minded individuals. 


leverage social media and digital platforms: 

in today’s digital age, it is crucial to utilise social media and other digital platforms to connect with conference attendees before, during, and after the event. develop a social media strategy that includes creating event-specific hashtags, promoting engaging content, and facilitating online discussions.

here’s how you can make the most of social media:

  1. pre-event engagement: create a buzz around the conference by sharing teasers, speaker profiles, and sneak peeks. encourage attendees to share their expectations and connect with each other through online platforms such as linkedin.
  2. live updates and real-time interactions: during the conference, share live updates, behind-the-scenes moments, and highlights on social media. encourage attendees to share their experiences, ask questions, and engage with the event.
  3. post-event engagement: extend the conference experience by sharing post-event content, such as recordings, presentations, and interviews. encourage attendees to provide feedback, share their key takeaways, and continue networking through digital platforms.

facilitate networking opportunities:

networking is a fundamental aspect of conferences, allowing attendees to make new connections, build partnerships, and share insights. as a corporate event planner, it is essential to create opportunities for attendees to network and engage with each other.

consider the following networking strategies:

  1. dedicated networking sessions: designate specific time slots or areas for networking activities. provide icebreaker questions, discussion topics, or conversation starters to facilitate interactions.
  2. speed networking: arrange short, timed sessions where attendees can meet a series of potential contacts. this fast-paced format encourages participants to exchange business cards, make introductions, and establish connections.
  3. digital networking platforms: utilise online platforms specifically designed for conference networking. these platforms enable attendees to browse profiles, connect with fellow participants, and schedule one-on-one meetings.

introduce games into the conference experience:

games can be a powerful tool to enhance engagement and create a sense of excitement among conference attendees. by incorporating game elements into the event, you can encourage participation, boost interaction, and provide memorable experiences.

consider the following game ideas:

  1. scavenger hunts: create a conference-wide scavenger hunt that encourages attendees to explore different areas, interact with exhibitors, and collect points or prizes.
  2. mobile apps: develop a dedicated conference app that offers features like interactive maps, personalised agendas, and challenges. allow attendees to earn rewards for attending sessions, engaging with sponsors, or networking with other participants.
  3. Conference Attendeescontests and competitions: organise competitions related to the conference theme or industry. from pitch competitions to trivia quizzes, these activities not only engage attendees but also showcase their skills and knowledge.


finally, encourage post-conference engagement by:

  1. sharing resources: provide attendees with access to presentation slides, session recordings, and relevant resources. this not only reinforces their learning but also encourages them to revisit the conference materials and engage with the content further.
  2. follow-up communication: send personalised thank-you emails or messages to attendees, expressing gratitude for their participation. use this opportunity to provide additional resources, share upcoming events, or invite them to join your mailing list. 
  3. collect feedback and encourage post-conference engagement: to improve future conferences, it’s important to collect feedback from attendees. make use of post-event surveys and feedback forms to understand participants’ experiences, thoughts, and suggestions for improvement.

as a corporate event planner, your ultimate goal is to create a memorable conference experience that leaves a lasting impact on attendees. by implementing the five strategies above, you can successfully engage conference participants, build connections, and ensure a successful event. 

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