5 questions to ask while searching for a perfect virtual event platform

5 questions to ask while searching for a perfect virtual event platform

the past year has seen the emergence of virtual events come to the forefront of the event world due to the restrictions on live events by covid-19. to match the demand for businesses and event organisers needing to take their event programmes online, there has been the development of numerous virtual conference software and online event platforms. here at sevenevents, as an aspect of our event planning services we have spent time developing our own virtual event platform hubseven to ensure we can provide the highest quality of virtual events.

we understand that the search for the correct online event platform can be filled with lots of confusion and attempting to identify what you need to achieve success in the virtual world is key. so, in this blog we highlight 5 questions to ask while searching for a perfect virtual event platform.

what are the key features of the platform?

perhaps the most important question to ask is what are the key features of the platform and how can they help you achieve your event vision. every event has different needs so understanding the key features of the virtual event software and how this aligns with your goals is critical. features such as live chat, polling, interactive breakout sessions and q&a can all be leveraged to make your event more engaging for attendees.

do you offer branding opportunities or other ways to customise the platform?

virtual event platforms all offer a varying degree of customisation when branding the platform. if your event has sponsors or strong branding, then this can be a key consideration. correctly demonstrating the event branding and sponsors info can not only achieve greater return on investment but it can also improve attendee experience. hubseven has two separate branding packages tailored to your specific needs. one which offers full customisation including brand colours and imagery. the second offers a basic branding package when this is not a priority for your event.

how does this platform communicate my event content?

another key consideration is how does the virtual event platform support your event content. hubseven allows for a variety of ways to communicate to your event attendees. within the sessions tabs you can opt to have a live broadcast, on demand content or simulated live content. perhaps you want to pre record all sessions for the highest quality possible? or perhaps you want to have real time sessions to keep attendees engaged? both are possible within hubseven.

do you provide any event analytics or metrics?

collecting analytics or metrics is a key benefit of virtual events and platforms can provide a range or reports to help you understand your attendee behaviour. tracking metrics such as click through rate and live chat engagement can really help provide insight into audience behaviour.

what is the level of support i receive?

the final and perhaps most overlooked question to ask is regarding the level of support you will receive when selecting and using a virtual event platform. the worst-case scenario to be in as a virtual event planner is having sourced the perfect virtual event platform for your event however on the day of the event there may be an issue which needs resolving instantly and you have no support on hand. certain virtual event software companies may be based in different countries which can cause communication problems or purely the volume of events means you are not a priority. when using hubseven you also receive all of sevenevents event expertise to ensure every aspect of your virtual event is a success.