5 tips to improve attendees engagement through hubseven

5 tips to improve attendees engagement through hubseven

with the need for virtual event solutions growing exponentially throughout 2020 and into 2021, event companies in the uk have had to offer seamless virtual event management services for all virtual event solution needs. below are some top tips to make sure your attendees stay engaged, no matter the virtual event.

  1. content, content, content 

at the earliest stage of exploring virtual event solutions, it is vital to already have a set of kpi’s prepared to inform the content of your agenda. these will help event companies, providing virtual event management services, to work out the best format and delivery solutions for you. it is imperative for all virtual events, from conferences, awards, meetings, or exhibitions, that the content being offered is varied and interesting enough to ensure the audience stays invested. this can be done by managing time within your agenda correctly, with short sessions and plenty of breaks. it is also key to invest money or research into the correct speakers who will engage attendees either through their story or relevance to the subject matter. you also want your content to be as accessible as possible which is why platforms such as hubseven are a fantastic solution, here you have all your content in one place, including handouts, speaker bios, personalised agendas and much more. on the event day guests will arrive at your event via our hubseven platform, navigating the agenda session by session. depending on the number of speakers and the content of the session, we can alter the broadcast design to ensure that your guests have the best viewing experience possible.

  1. added extras

virtual team building activities all help to increase interaction and communication, boosting morale by giving people a break from a busy event agenda. there are so many activities available to suit any virtual event need, it may be beneficial to start with an ice breaker if the group is unfamiliar with each other; or perhaps a competitive escape room to get everyone excited about what is ahead, maybe even a quiz based on a new product launch. in addition to these there are also activities or entertainment options purely for fun. they may be used to close an event or precede an awards ceremony such as wine tasting, cocktail making or even hiring a comedian. whatever the event objective there is an activity to suit!

  1. invest on production quality

with numerous virtual event solutions on offer, choosing the right technology to meet the objectives of your event and investing in hardware and software to produce a high quality event is key. with hubseven we aim to ensure the same level of standards are provided to our clients as a face-to-face event, by delivering on interaction, quality and innovation.

your speakers will be used to presenting at live events, so our aim is to replicate that as much as possible in the virtual world. tech checks and rehearsals will have ensured all speakers are comfortable and ready for the event day; though our ‘virtual green room’ that presenters enter before they go live, where they can chat with the producer and other presenters in the background. when it is time for a presenter to go live, they won’t have to worry about anything other than presenting. everything they will need to see is on one screen: slide notes, current and next slide and a timer, taking away all the stress so presenters can just focus on delivering their session.

our webcam broadcast service is a fully-produced and professional support streaming service. a complete event-production service that works alongside our hubseven platform that allows us to fully customise and produce the event broadcast to ensure your virtual event is both professional and seamless from start to finish.

  1. add tangibility where possible 

there are multiple virtual event solutions to add tangibility; one is promoting engagement through q&a and live polling, so attendees still feel heard and valued as they would at a live event.

additionally, is gifting; you can supply everyone with a welcome gift prior to the event to build excitement, this could include the same notepad, water bottle or headphones, so that visually when using a virtual platform, they are connected. you can also send through e-vouchers for dinners that would normally be part of a in-person conference. or even take it one step further and arrange for a cooking class at home where everyone can learn something new and still interact with peers. if you wanted to keep this momentum you could have daily deliveries or gifts that are labelled for each day so that the audience has something to look forward to and talk to each other about during lunch and dinner breaks, reinforcing the feeling of togetherness.

  1. gamification 

event gamification is a fun and measurable way to determine how well your agenda has worked, understand overall event satisfaction and view session attendance. this process promotes engagement within a virtual audience by asking them to undertake a series of tasks, quizzes and challenges in order to receive points and view where they are on the leaderboard – may be the winner even receives a prize! used correctly gamification promotes networking, increased session attendance, higher post-event survey rates and arguably most importantly, elevated engagement.