5 tips on promoting virtual events

5 tips on promoting virtual events

with the entire events industry turning virtual, what makes your virtual event stand out from the rest? as a leading event management company in the uk, we are providing you with the tips to promote your corporate virtual events and ensure your guests tune in and engage.

be clear about what the audience will see

with a live event, you will always provide joining instructions or pre-event information informing your audience of what to expect on the day, and what you expect of them. this should be no different in the virtual world. for a lot of people, attending a virtual event is still a relatively new experience, do not leave them blind as to what they are signing up for. will the audience be able to ask live questions? is their camera going to be on? is this event interactive or informative? make sure all these types of questions are answered during the promotion stages so that everyone knows this is the right event for them with no hesitations.

utilise your virtual event platform

an easy way to help you achieve the above is to utilise your event platform when sending out promo and marketing material. most event company use a platform for marketing, registration, and analytics. this should be the same for your virtual event. but this time your platform can take you so much further, create a web platform solely for your event where guests can log in prior and start to have a look round and get a feel for what to expect. design wisely so that the journey is easy to follow, and leaves your audience wanting more from the event day.

social media

in this day and age, you cannot think about promoting anything without the use of social media. and with all the world in some form of lockdown, there is no better time to leverage social media channels to promote your online event. social media is a tool widely used now at live events; however, it can have an even stronger impact when everyone is attending from the comfort of their own homes. social media and virtual events go hand and hand, so use this to the best of its ability. get everyone engaged from the day you launch the event, release spoilers, and create adverts. your audience are on their phones now more than ever, and if they can access your virtual event through their social media platform than you have their attention.

content will always be key

now more than ever you need to ensure that your content is the best it’s ever been. and any good event company should be able to provide you’re with the skills and expertise to achieve this. when your audience are at home, you want to give them every reason why missing out on your virtual event will be a mistake. they need to know that what they will be learning and watching is unmissable, therefore don’t cut any corners when it comes to creating and promoting your content. use an experienced event management company to create an experience that the guest would not even receive at a live event.

feed your guests

now not only does the value of your content promote your event, but some people still need that little push, that little reward for signing up and joining in. after every live event, guests always go home remembering what they ate and drank, you could have had the best keynote speech that any individual has ever experienced, but they will talk about the food. so why should you let that element slip on your virtual events? not only will this enhance your event on the day, but it works a treat to promote your virtual events. as part of your advertising campaign let them know that upon logging in and attending the morning keynote, their ubereats breakfast of choice will be delivered to their door. or upon completion of the day’s sessions, their lunch and/or dinner is on the company as a thank you for coming along.