5 tips to throw a virtual birthday party for your employees

5 tips to throw a virtual birthday party for your employees

even though covid-19 has forced us to spend time away from our families and friends, not being in the same room as them doesn’t have to stop us from enjoying memorable moments together. with these top tips, you don’t have to see a virtual corporate event or birthday party for someone in your team as a negative, they can be their own unique and equally fun experience. maybe your team is global, so holding a virtual party would open the guest list to those beyond the local area. people can also come and go as they please, maybe you have a plan for the party and people can pop in and out depending on what they’re interested in. there is also more flexibility of the timings, maybe people have plans after work so you can do a lunchtime event, or even after the kids are in bed considering you don’t have to leave the house! not to forget, the whole thing can be recorded as a great memory for years to come!

  1. virtual event platform

to host a successful virtual event, it is crucial to hosting it on a good events platform with a reliable technological set up so that it can seamlessly stream the entire party and help enjoy your event without a hitch. like in a live event you would have a venue, your virtual party platform will act as the venue base for your vr corporate event or online party. guests will have all the information to hand and this software could also allow you to create a space to really celebrate what is special to the member of the team celebrating their birthday, by tailoring the site to reflect them.

  1. posted gifts 

no birthday party would be the same without gifts! although you may want to arrange something extra special for the birthday guest it would also be nice to create that feeling of togetherness by sending everyone attending a gift or party favour. this could be a sweet treat, selection of drinks or some party decorations to get hung up for the call, but whatever you choose it will really make the group feel as though they are attending a special celebration. if you have a very large group and the thought of coordinating something like this seems a bit overwhelming, why not utilise a uk event company to sort it all for you!

  1. interactive games 

hosting an event virtually does not have to mean it will not be fun. introducing interactive games to the party is a great way to create an inclusive, informal party environment. it takes the pressure off and helps people relax if the party is one of their first virtual experiences in a social setting. there are great event companies out there offering a plethora of interactive games such as virtual house parties, virtual musical bingo, and virtual horse racing to name a few.

  1. tailor the party 

making sure you tailor the party to the individual is a great way of keeping each birthday in the office fresh! if you take the time to consider what each person will like it will not only make the experience more memorable but will also open up the possibilities of what virtual offerings are out there. if you need something more relaxed why not a mindfulness session, or if you have a budding banana bread expert you could try a virtual cooking class, or if you want something a bit more lively a mixology lesson if you need something with a competitive edge may be an escape room – there are no many options to explore!

  1. get everyone involved

we all know some people can be more outspoken than others, so making sure you allow for everyone to get a say is important. although activities give everyone a chance to get involved, maybe utilise event companies in the uk who can source a comedian to do a short set or maybe a magician who can draw some of the quieter characters into the conversation. whatever you choose, make sure that you have a varied party agenda that will appeal to the whole team!

whether you need help with sourcing a virtual conference platform, some activity ideas, or gifting solutions, seven events are an experienced team of event professionals who in the last year have delivered a whole host of successful virtual events. so get in touch with the team now to see how they can bring your ideas to life on +44 (0)207 659 4430 or info@sevenevents.co.uk