5 Tips to Create Online Events That Will Engage Attendees

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5 Tips to Create Online Events That Will Engage Attendees

To get the most out of your online event and to make it truly memorable, you should focus on engaging the attendees. An interactive online session is invariably more rewarding for attendees as it leaves a good impression in their minds that will work in your favor.

A leading event management agency in London can offer you the best tips to engage attendees during your online event:

Human Connection

Social interaction is an important factor for all occasions and even more so for online events. However, since online events are remote, the human touch may be lacking, which can potentially disengage attendees.

To avoid this situation, you should take questions from your live audience at regular intervals to keep them engaged. Even if everyone cannot speak, they will still feel that you are showing due regard by giving them a chance to be heard. This is paramount for the engagement factor.

After all, human interaction is a two-way process that is far from complete if only one party does the talking.

Know Your Audience

You should do your homework when it comes to understanding your audience. Understanding the demographics and social classes that you will be addressing can provide insights into their preferences and opinions. With this information in mind, you can plan content that will be relevant to your audience.

People join online events to learn and network. Make sure that you provide opportunities for both. You should keep an open session towards the end of the online event to reach out to people and build rapport with them. This will leave them satisfied and motivate them to engage with you in the future.

Expert Planning

Meticulous planning is the key to a successful online event. Take a close look at your schedule and divide it so that there is enough time for all speakers. You should also intersperse the schedule with interactive sessions like taking polls.

An online poll is a great way for people to chime in and feel appreciated. You will also learn a lot about your audience. It is truly a win-win situation for all. At the end of each speech, there should be a few minutes for questions and answers so that the audience can voice their opinions or clarify their doubts.

This will provide much value for attendees and drive the engagement factor. Our event management agency in London can provide you with the technology and tools that have a host of interactive features to engage your audience seamlessly.


Keep in mind that online events are different from physical events. During a physical event, you have the undivided attention of your audience in the conference hall where they are free from distractions.

But during an online event, there is much more space for distractions that can distract the audience. You can counter this by providing a few minutes of break at regular intervals so that the attendees can deal with the distraction and get back to you with undivided attention.

Work with a Top Event Planner in London

To ensure your online event is a success, you should get in touch with leading event planners in London so that you can capitalize on their long experience and high expertise. They are aware of tried and tested techniques that work and can put them to good use for you.