5 top tips for working in a city…

5 top tips for working in a city…

Plan your route… when traveling into a city there’s bound to be a hold up somewhere along the lines.  From public transport delays to people dancing in the street, you’re sure to come across something new each day.  Leave in plenty of time and always have a backup route


Travel comfy… put those heals in your bag and get some flat comfy shoes on.  Nobody wants to start their week with a blister, ouch!!


Take a stroll… a city is always buzzing.  Make sure you give your eyes a rest and take a stroll during your break, you never know what you might find around the corner from your office.  Explore explore explore.


Food glorious food… the great thing about cities is there is ALWAYS plenty of places to eat.  Try somewhere new every day and keep a note of the hidden gems you find.  Your colleagues will love it when you seek out the best sandwich shop in town.


Friday feeling… happy Friday, you made it.  After a busy week, get yourself down to the bar with the team for a well-earned gin.  You deserve it!!