5 virtual team building ideas to engage remote employees

5 virtual team building ideas to engage remote employees

it has been over a year since the first lockdown, and it is great to see how event agencies in the uk and across the world have managed to pivot and offer virtual solutions. there is now a whole range of online team building activities out there and it’s easy to host them as virtual conference software options have had to develop quickly. working from home can be isolating and your employees may start to feel like they aren’t part of a team anymore. this is why we highly recommend organising an online team building activity to help keep your team engaged and morale high!

event agencies in the uk all have different virtual conference software solutions for you to host your online team building activity on. we have our own virtual meeting platform called hubseven which can be used, or we can run over zoom or teams.

we have a huge portfolio of virtual team building activities, below are 5 that we really think will help you engage your remote employees.


well-being services 

workplace wellbeing therapies have been designed to help teams improve and maintain good health practices which in turn increases their productivity and makes them feel good for the rest of the day! we offer a range of different services for you to choose from;

  • yoga/pilates

an online team activity that is designed for your company’s staff to practice together while working from home.

  • mindfulness webinar

this webinar includes an introduction to mindfulness along with how you can use this to support your mental health. the instructor will guide the team through a variety of different meditations which will help to cultivate a positive state of mind and release stress.

  • nutrition webinar

we all know that to keep fully engaged in what you are doing you need to make sure you are making good food choices. this online activity will equip you on how to make good food choices and help boost immunity!

virtual big game show 

the big virtual game show is perfect for boosting team morale and having a laugh together. this game show combines elements from all the best-loved tv shows such as the generation game, who wants to be a millionaire, and family fortunes. played via an app, the team will be greeted by our friendly gamemaster who will split you into teams and you will go head-to-head in a series of challenges to win points!

beat the screen 

this is a virtual activity but with a slight twist. this is designed to help get your team out for a bit of physical activity. this in turn helps with engagement and your general well-being.  set over 3 rounds the guest will compete in a range of activities that will make sure everyone feels involved. round one consists of cryptic tasks to be completed virtually. round two is the part where you are encouraged to get outside and you will be given fun creative photo and video challenges to complete. round 3 is beat the clock round where teams regroup virtually to complete as many trivia questions as possible.

candle making 

a truly relaxing activity designed to leave your team feeling rejuvenated. a candle kit will be sent to each participant prior to the event, which will include everything you need! throughout the workshop, you will learn about fragrance families and what top, heart, and base notes are. you will then use the range of essential oils to blend into your own soy wax candle.

diy donuts 

has your team got a sweet tooth? this is the perfect online team building activity for you! each participant will be sent a box prior to the event, with everything they need to decorate 4 delicious donuts. you can event select the icing colours to match with your brand.  the event consists of a 45-minute group video tutorial, where you will learn skills and techniques to make some all-time favourites before being let loose to create your own masterpieces.

these are just a few of the great online virtual team building activities out there. whether you are looking for just a one-off activity or looking to add something fun to a virtual conference then we can help you with it! get in touch with us today to find out more.