5 ways to celebrate easter with your remote employees

5 ways to celebrate easter with your remote employees

the last easter we were a month into lockdown and i don’t think we ever thought that we would be still in lockdown come easter 2021. with most employees all still working remotely this is a great occasion to really celebrate easter and what is hopefully the last few weeks of lockdown life. over the last year, corporate virtual events have really taken off. there are plenty of virtual team building activities in the uk that you could choose from to really help boost the morale of your team and celebrate easter! we have been focusing on finding ways to celebrate easter remotely with your team, below are 5 of our favourite ways to do this.

easter gifting

whether you are looking to enhance a virtual activity you already had planned or if you simply just want to send an easter gift to your employees, then there are plenty of options to choose from. we love biscuits through the letterbox. it is a perfect way to send something special to employees and make them smile and of course, these will be easter themed! why not take it up a notch and send out a full easter hamper of goodies!

the easter show

if you need to run a conference or meeting why not tie it in with easter to make it more exciting. there are plenty of virtual event platforms out there to host your event on, including our own hubseven. our virtual event platform acts as the hub of your event, where guests can connect, and you can stream all your content. we suggest spending the morning doing the business element of your content followed by an afternoon or evening of fun. the most popular options being, comedy show, virtual cocktail making, virtual cookery or virtual musical bingo!

virtual cake decorating

corporate virtual events don’t need to be boring and let’s be honest who doesn’t like cake. with your employees probably already having enough easter eggs to last the year why not opt for a cake decorating session. each employee will receive a box of cupcakes and all the utensils needed to decorate them. then at the time of your event employees will log onto the virtual event platform where they will be greeted by a friendly baker who will teach you all how to beautifully design your cupcakes. this is also a great activity for the rest of the family to get involved in over the easter holidays!

virtual wine tasting 

there are plenty of virtual wine tasting team building activities out there in the uk but we have a fabulous wine expert who has delivered multiple events for us and received outstanding feedback. wine tasting is a great social activity that really helps bring everyone together. as corporate virtual events go, this is probably one of the most popular! prior to the event, 4 organic bottles of wines will be sent out to each guest along with tasting notes. we can also organise a 3-course dining meal, cheese boards or snacks to be sent out as well to give it that wow factor! on the day of the event, everyone will log onto the call or virtual event platform and the wine tasting will begin with our expert leading the way.

virtual wellbeing session

well-being is the experience of health, happiness, and prosperity. it includes having good mental health, high life satisfaction, a sense of meaning or purpose, and the ability to manage stress. this has been an important factor of lockdown life and a well-being session acts as a great corporate virtual event for your employees to attend. our mindfulness session has been very popular. this focuses on the importance of taking a second to breathe and the power this has on the body.

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