5 Ways to Enhance Corporate Teams’ Morale Via Incentive Travel

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5 Ways to Enhance Corporate Teams’ Morale Via Incentive Travel

Team morale is essential for any business to thrive. Every business strives to have a good company culture, keeping your team happy can ultimately end in better performance which will only benefit the company’s revenue. One of the best ways to help build team morale is to implement an incentive travel series. Incentive travel has proven to be an effective way to add motivation to a team and allows the team to get to know each other better. Having an incentive series will also help you to retain and attract top talent, introducing a benefit like this shows that you care about the team. As a corporate events agency, we offer incentive travel services, and our incentive travel planners are always on hand to help come up with an exciting programme that suits your needs. Below are 5 ways in which Incentive travel and help enhance corporate teams’ morale. 

1. Implement the incentive series

Create a programme for the incentive series. Decide if you are going to reward everyone with a trip if you hit a certain objective or if employees will need to qualify for the trip by hitting their own personal objective. Letting your team know that they could be rewarded with a trip away will help build morale up around the office. If you are offering an incentive-based on personal objectives being met then we suggest running an incentive series. This will mean that employees who don’t make the cut the 1st time round know there will be another trip and will keep them motivated towards that. 

2. Pre-Trip Communication

The thought of going on an exciting trip will motivate staff prior to the trip. Employees will build relationships with other team members attending the trip and in turn that helps build a team’s morale. Using one of the many corporate incentive travel companies out there will help you put together all the right pre-trip communication needed to get the team excited. This can range from the initial invite on the trip, to teasers about what to expect to the full itinerary being released. You could also look to send out some pre-trip merchandise such as sunglasses or a beach bag.

3. Location

One of the ways to really enhance your team’s morale is to choose a location that’s exciting. Using incentive travel planners will help you find that perfect enticing destination. They will listen to your brief and understand what your team will want. Based on this they can then suggest locations that will wow your employees. Choosing a location that your team would maybe never go to will get them excited and push them to achieve the results needed to qualify for the trip. The buzz of the trip around the office is guaranteed to boost team morale! 

4. Team Building Activity

We know that most people dread team building activities, but this wouldn’t be your average team build. The team will be in a lovely location, and we suggest organising an activity that subconsciously gets the team to know each other better and strengthen those work relationships. If you use a corporate incentive travel company, they will help suggest activities that are right for your group, whether that be a culinary tour of the city, RIB Boats, off-road buggy to see a different view of the location, there will always be something to impress your team with. When the team get to know each other better, this will in turn increase morale. Even organising special dinners and lunches on the trip will help the team bond. 

5. Feeling Refreshed

The guests on the trip will have worked hard to get their place and will be well deserving of a break to relax and get to know their fellow team members better. This incentive trip will allow them to take a break from work and forget about it. Leaving them to come back feeling more refreshed and ready to hit the ground running. Hopefully, they will all have an amazing time and morale will be high. They will be ready to make sure they secure their