5 ways to power-up your virtual event’s audience engagement

5 ways to power-up your virtual event’s audience engagement

SevenEvents are experts in virtual events and within our event offering, we have great virtual event solutions which include a virtual event platform uk which puts virtual event audience engagement at the heart of the attendee experience. 

To host a successful virtual event, it’s important to think about the attendee experience, and how different it is to sit at home watching a screen becoming a passive viewer, rather than in a face-to-face environment and engaging your audience online is a very different ball game. As virtual event planners, we’ve got a few key considerations and some tips for how to achieve this effectively.

Interactivity features

A key element of powering your virtual event audience engagement is to leverage your virtual conference platform uk to ensure that the features available from your platform are within the event content and agenda. One of the simplest and most effective ways of getting audience engagement is to host Q&A’s, The opportunity to ask questions and receive answers from experts is a huge draw from attendees.

Q&A is a simple and effective interactivity feature but this is not the only tool that the SevenEvents virtual event platform offers. The platform offers an array of features that can be leveraged to ensure that audience engagement is at the core of the event.

Guests can send messages to other delegates, create detailed user profiles and participate in polls, all of which can leverage delegate engagement.

Breakout Sessions

Accountability of attendees and lack of face to face interaction is a key reason for the lack of engagement at virtual events. Providing virtual breakout sessions with smaller groups of people can help with this. – our virtual event platform uk for example has the functionality to host breakout rooms within the platform directly with no need for delegates to leave the platform to use external software making the delegate experience seamless.  

Hosting several breakout sessions within your agenda will ensure that content is discussed at length and provides virtual attendees with the feel of real life interaction from their homes.

Production Quality

The production quality of your virtual event is like your set design, meeting room layout, and trade show floor combined. But, with less square footage to make an impact, you have to look to video best practices to make your mark. Get better cameras, branded backdrops, and great mics, and bump up the quality of your PowerPoints. Pay close attention to lighting and camera angles, first impressions are just as important (maybe more) when you go virtual. Graphics and great video quality will keep attendees glued to the screen.


Everyone likes to play games. Use gamification in your mobile event app to engage attendees in challenges for prizes. You could have them reach out to sponsors, network with other attendees, or take surveys to get them involved and earning points.

Gamification adds a competitive edge to virtual events which lead to higher engagement from attendees. Using challenges such as a public leader board that updates when delegates complete a task such as exchanging a virtual means that guests are more inclined to interact with the virtual event platform. The points can add up to various awards which delegates could win.

Smart Sessions

Within the SevenEvents virtual platform, we have a great audience engagement tool called Smart Sessions which revolutionising the way delegates network at virtual events.

A dedicated networking room gives attendees intuitive and engaging spaces to effortlessly join video conversations with other attendees and watch event live streams as small groups together once again. Networking rooms can be focused by topic, industry, attendee group, or any other way that helps your attendees connect with the right people, transforming the experience of attending a virtual conference, member meetings or awards ceremony.

planning a virtual event doesn’t need to be a hassle! event management services can help think of innovative ways to make your virtual event more engaging and ultimately improve the attendee experience

as a company, we are committed to producing engaging, innovative and memorable events. if you’re looking to organise a virtual event and want to know how we can help elevate your next event to the next level, get in touch today at info@sevenevents.co.uk.