6 Opportunities That Virtual Events Are Bringing to Businesses

Virtual Event Business Opportunities

6 Opportunities That Virtual Events Are Bringing to Businesses

As a phrase by Albert Einstein says: ‘If you are looking for different results, do not always do the same thing’. Today’s successful companies are the ones that are willing to pivot quickly, embrace innovation and technology, and change things when the situation calls for it.

Digital technologies are changing the way we communicate, live and work. Today the boundaries between the virtual and physical worlds are increasingly blurred and this has a direct impact on the way of doing business.

In the era of digital transformation, companies are witnessing the infinite possibilities of the virtual environment and new technologies for the benefit of their businesses. Such is the case with virtual events. The COVID-19 pandemic has only accelerated this urgent trend, and now, many companies around the world have already explored the value of virtual forums, conferences, and business meetings.

However, some organizations are still wondering if a virtual conference or business forum could benefit their company. And it is that the new normality will force us to maintain a certain social distance in everything we do, and businesses need to consider this issue to continue operating. Therefore, at SevenEvents we invite you to take a look at the main benefits of virtual events for your organization:

Maximize the time and money invested through a wider reach

Attendees will be able to access a virtual event, regardless of their location, as long as they have a device or computer equipment and a good internet connection. It’s a good opportunity to connect with a wider audience, even international, who might not have had the opportunity to learn about your business at a physical event. 

Scalable according to the needs of the company

Most physical venues, like event rooms, have a limit on the number of people allowed. Virtual events make it much easier to scale; for example, you can use it for the training of your sales team, but also for a kickoff of your organization or for a forum with business partners from all over the continent.

Increase in engagement and interaction of attendees

Virtual events offer tools like polls, Q&As, live chat, and even a downloadable resources section so your attendees can fully engage with your content. Thus, they will only need to click to contact one of the speakers, request more information or schedule an appointment.

Extend marketing impact beyond a moment in time

Generate interest, attendance and theme longevity around much-needed solutions and innovative ideas -using pre-events and moving parts of your event through three different communication channels: Digital Public Relations, social media and Google Ads.

Measurable results

While the data generated from virtual events varies depending on the technology platforms used, it is easier to collect certain data about the event and attendees since everything is done online and can be easily tracked. For example, you can know when attendees logged in, from where, the number of people who attended, what content they downloaded, and what topics were of interest to them if they requested additional information if they asked to speak with a particular speaker, among other data.

It can be combined with a physical event

We know that physical events cannot completely disappear, since business also requires physical contact between people; hardly anyone signs a partnership or supplier contract without first meeting their partners in person. Our customers need the personal experience of trying out products and solutions with their own hands. So, a physical event can be supported or blended with parallel digital strategies, which can build momentum, expand visibility, and reach, and drive higher attendance.

The benefits of virtual events are growing in a world that is becoming increasingly digital. So, if a virtual event can bring together your internal collaborators, your suppliers, your clients, or your future clients online, and still offer human warmth, valuable information, and networking opportunities, you have good reasons to turn them into a key strategy of your company.

If you want to know more about how to transform your business with virtual events, get in contact with SevenEvents at info@sevenevents.co.uk or 020 7659 4430.