6 popular event themes that fit every virtual corporate event

6 popular event themes that fit every virtual corporate event

with covid-19 forcing us to mostly work remotely, virtual corporate events have emerged as an important way to connect with and learn from each other. a massive advantage of virtual events is that it allows people from anywhere in the world to attend it, cutting across countries, cultures, and other such restrictions.

hosting an engaging virtual event requires understanding your potential attendees and using creative event ideas and themes to plan and execute the entire event. although every event will be unique in its own way, we as a corporate event management company explore the themes that fit all to ensure success.


  1. virtual event platform

to host a successful virtual event, it is crucial to hosting it on a good events platform with a rock-solid technological setup so that it can seamlessly stream the entire event and help you schedule and execute each activity/ interaction without a hitch. like in a live event you would have a venue, your virtual conference software will act as the venue base for your online event. guests will feel they have somewhere to go to access additional information, interact with others, and request help every step of the way should they need it.

  1.  targeted networking

as an event planner, finding out the interests and intentions of your attendees before the event can be extremely helpful. this is where the targeted networking feature on your virtual event platform comes into play. upon attendee sign in, you can create a short survey that they need to fill in with questions that can help you understand what brought them to the event, what are they most interested to learn and who are they most interested to meet. you can then use those answers to match them with potential attendees and save the endless scrolling through the connections tab with little interaction gained.

  1. interactive games 

hosting an event virtually doesn’t mean it can’t be fun. for many people, attending a webinar or live stream can be unnerving and intimidating. introducing interactive games is a great way to diffuse that tension and engage directly with hosts, speakers, and attendees to create an inclusive informal environment. it takes the pressure off and helps people find out more about each other as well as enhance the virtual journey. all in all, it ‘humanizes’ the entire experience.


  1. gamification to engage attention

we’ve all been on zoom and live-streamed events that seem to go on forever. in such cases, it’s easy to tune out and get glued to other distractions. but gamification uses the attendees’ smartphones to instead keep them constantly engaged. how? by applying the techniques of gaming, reward, and recognition to throw interesting challenges and real-time polls. furthermore, participants get rewarded with points for completing the activity, and the totals can be displayed on a scoreboard for all to see.


  1. roundtables & breakouts

the opportunity to show their face and have their ideas heard is one most attendees jump at after a day of listening to experts speak. it’s an even more lucrative opportunity if the expert speakers are in the meeting room! create multiple video (or audio-only, for those who feel more comfortable that way) meeting rooms with a limited number of participants where they can ask in-depth questions to experts, share their own experiences and meet new people. this session format breaks the schedule of staring at a screen and listening to speakers, and gives the audience a chance to connect in a more authentic, natural “face-to-face” environment.


  1. coffee breaks & drinks receptions

yes i know it’s a virtual event but you can still drink coffee at your machine or phone! if you’re looking for a more casual and unstructured way of getting people to mingle, then an afternoon coffee break or post-event drinks/entertainment is a great way to do that. however, with a few smart ideas, such informal themes can also be given a slight direction to ensure that they’re actually getting people to network with each other. utilise virtual software that can create rooms based on different interests or company departments, guests can make their way around and dip into conversations with colleagues and/or peers of their choosing.

we believe that these are the top 6 themes that need to run through every virtual corporate event for it to work. no matter what the subject or content is that you want to get across, address each of these elements and you can’t go wrong.

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