7 super ways to boost online event income

7 super ways to boost online event income

as virtual events became the only options for event management companies around the world, virtual event platforms became extremely important for keeping us all connected. as we began to feel more confident in this virtual world, boosting online event income and return on investment was key. we are outlining some key ways that you can achieve this for your next online event, and it’s easier than you think!

simultaneous events

why not make the most of your virtual event platform, by running multiple events a month, week or even day! as these virtual event platforms don’t require venue hire, catering and other expensive outlays you are able to really focus on the content and viewer engagement without the restrictions of a live event setting.

sponsorship packages

a great way to boost your online event’s income is to create some incentivising sponsorship packages that really highlight the value of your event. if you need assistance with designing these packages, why not utilise event management companies services, to come up with some great ideas. you could decide to do this in tiers, for example, headline sponsor, platinum, gold, silver and bronze, an easy way to differentiate between categories and allocate space, costs and guidelines accordingly. in addition to this, you could take this one step further and create gift bag sponsors, break time sponsors or breakout group sponsors.


although this seems like an obvious way to boost your income from virtual events, it’s not just about charging or increasing prices; it is about offering your guest’s tailored experiences that they can choose between and enhancing their virtual experience. for example, if you offer tiered ticketing with varying networking opportunities, vip access, exclusive breakout rooms, on-demand content or fantastic giveaways, guests can not only choose what is right for them but will also appreciate the added extras they are getting and really engage with the process.


offering advertisements to companies that may not want to or afford to have a full sponsorship package is a great way to make use of your virtual event platform and event website. although this would have to be done tastefully with the audience view and sponsorship packages in mind, advertising during breaks, before sessions, on customisable areas of the virtual platform or event website is a great and relatively effortless way to boost virtual event income. however, it is important to try and keep this within relevant and useful companies to the event genre.

on-demand content 

if the event management service you are using to hold your virtual event is recording your content, why not capitalise on this and offer it as a paid-for on demand service; perfect for those that couldn’t attend the live event date. you can investigate the best way to provide this; be it pay to download each session, have access to the full day(s) or have access to all videos for a set amount of time.

networking tiers 

it could be that a key part of your live event is networking, therefore a draw for guests could be, who is in attendance and who they can speak to. it may be worth exploring networking tiers, so guests can set up meetings based on the ticket they purchase. for example, level one may allow you to have one on one time with other attendees, level two for panel and session speakers and level 3 key for note speakers.

lead generation

it cannot be overlooked that hosting events virtually can offer a much wider audience base and it is important to make use of the data that is gathered from this new pool. creating a registration page that really gathers useful information and making the event interactive with polling and q&a’s will enable you to understand your audience much better and apply this to events both virtual and live in the future; hopefully allowing you to increase your roi.