7 Tips to Craft an Unforgettable Food and Drink Event

Plan Food and drink event

7 Tips to Craft an Unforgettable Food and Drink Event

Plan Food and drink event

One thing we haven’t forgotten during the pandemic is our love for food and drink. We have also really gotten used to joining events from the comfort of our own homes. So how do you re-create the enjoyment of an in-person food festival in the online world I hear you ask? Well in today’s blog, we’re giving you seven tips on how to pull off an unforgettable virtual food and drink event! 

  • Give yourself event a unique selling point 

When it comes to food and drink events, the market is a busy place. Finding your unique selling point is crucial to ensuring you target the right audience, especially in the online world. Once you know what is different about your event, work with your full-service agency to create a communications plan to drum up interest – this can include targeted emails, social media posts, and paid advertisements on relevant websites. 

  • Make your registration process slick 

Your registration website is one of the first touchpoints for your attendees, so using professional software is imperative to making a good impression. If you are using event management services in the UK, they’ll be able to guide you into using the best software for your event and budget. Here at Seven Events, we recommend a site that gives you access to attendee categories, takes online payments from attendees and provides detailed reporting options so that you can follow up post events with surveys and information on any future events.

  • Involve sponsors from the very start

Getting sponsors involved from the very start is a great way to not only increase your events budget but it also helps to engage your audience. Pull together an attractive sponsorship package including things like real estate on the registration website and event platform as well as the opportunity to contribute to the hampers you send to guests. Sponsors can also get involved with your social media communications, giving your event a much wider reach – a win-win! 

  • Send out food hampers to guests ahead of the live event day 

The ultimate foodie’s dream, having a delicious hamper delivered directly to their door! Interactivity and engagement are hugely important aspects of any virtual reality corporate event, so providing goodies ahead of the live day is a great way to get your audience excited. We suggest including organic coffee for use during the refreshment break, some savory items for lunchtime, and the ingredients needed to take part in a cook-along as well as a branded takeaway like a stainless steel water bottle. 

  • Your virtual event platform and event app are essential 

For your virtual attendees, your virtual event platform in the UK, and event app are essentially their venues. Ensuring you have an easy-to-use and event branded platform is key to the success of your event and trust us, there are hundreds of platforms to choose from. Last year we launched our very own platform, Hub7, which ticks all of the boxes required by a virtual food and drink event, including: 

  • Easy to use interface
  • Audience interactivity including Q&A, Chat, and Polls 
  • Delegate registration
  • Multi-stream capability
  • Compatible event app

For more info on Hub7, visit our website: https://www.sevenevents.co.uk/virtual-event-platform-hubseven/

Virtual event platform

  • Include a well-known chef in your lineup 

Having a professional, celebrity chef within your lineup will be a huge hit with your attendees and will really help push ticket sales for your event. On the day you can include them in sessions such as an interactive Q&A with audience members, a panel discussion with other industry experts, or even better, a live cook-along where guests use the ingredients from their hampers to cook up something delicious and memorable. 

  • Use an agency to oversee the planning process

Finally, the event planning process can feel confusing or complicated at times, so don’t go through it alone – we have an expert team on hand to help you every step of the way when it comes to planning your next food and drinks event. Get in touch with our team now by calling the office on +44 (0)207 659 4430 or visit our website and hit enquire now: https://www.sevenevents.co.uk/enquire-now/

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