7 ways to leave a lasting impact on event attendees, post event

7 ways to leave a lasting impact on event attendees, post event

your hard work has all been worth it and your event day was a real success, but that shouldn’t be where it all ends. ask your event planning companies to help you develop a post-event communication plan during the pre-planning stages, this will help to ensure that you leave a truly lasting impact on your attendees. have a read of some of our post-event follow up ideas here:

  1. follow up via email 

this might sound obvious, but a follow-up email the day after your event to say thank you for attending, or sorry you couldn’t make it is a quick win. we suggest using your virtual event platform to identify those who made it and personalise your communication as a result. within the email, you can re-cap on some of the event highlights, include pictures and a link through to your feedback survey. which leads us nicely onto our next tip…

  1. post event feedback surveys 

if you haven’t already included these as part of your live event, a great way to get back in touch with attendees is via a feedback survey. we find it works well to incentivise attendees by giving access to event photos or possible discount codes from your event partners as a result of them sharing their thoughts. your virtual event management company will be able to give you lots of options for this – from a simple survey monkey to a sophisticated submission form via your delegate management system.

  1. create a learning toolbox 

once your guests return home, they may well need access to the event content. creating a learning toolbox to house all of these elements is a great way of extending the lifetime of your event. whether it’s presentations, reading material or videos from your event, this is a central location that attendees can come back to time and time again.

  1. get your sales team in on the action 

if the objective of your event was to drive sales, ask your account managers to personally follow up with attendees after the event has finished. this could be a quick call or a tailored email, providing any information they might have requested or just letting them know that you are on hand to assist with any new enquiries they might have. this is a sure-fire way to build those all-important client relationships.

  1. keep social 

during your event, you will have accumulated many new social media followers, and this is the perfect way to stay in touch. work with your event planning company to create a posting plan which ensures your content is fresh, fun and up to date. this includes asking guests to share the photos and videos they may have taken at your event. here you’ll be able to share information about future events and engage with your audience in a playful and memorable way.

  1. analyse your data 

you will have collected a range of data throughout the event lifecycle which can be used to tailor any future event plans. for example, use the data collected during the registration process to create attendee profiles and get a full understanding of who your audience is and their habits. the attendance numbers will show which sessions were the most popular and in turn, this will help you to develop future content and select speakers who are of interest to your guests.

  1. invite your attendees to your next event 

the ultimate post-event follow up is to invite your attendees to any future events you have planned. giving this years attendees early access to your registration system for future events, along with an early bird discount, is a great way of building loyalty and rewarding guests for attending.

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