a guide to setting goals for virtual conferences

Stting Goals for Virtual Conference

a guide to setting goals for virtual conferences

the event virtual world is here and definitely here to stay. we find virtual conference software has excelled since the pandemic and is more user friendly and accessible for people to use for any event. we aren’t saying to get rid of in-person events as they also have their benefits, however sometimes what is needed for an event is a virtual conference platform. so although the virtual conference software is top notch, we are here to make your virtual journey even smoother and give you a guide to setting goals for virtual conferences. as always there is a lot to think about when setting goals for your next virtual conference. we have narrowed down our top pointers to help you along your virtual conference software journey.

selecting the right platform

there are a lot of virtual conference platforms in the uk. some are great, some are not as efficient, and picking your perfect one can really make a difference to the end result of your virtual event. some questions to ask might be doing you want your audience to actively engage in your meeting; for example – answers polls, or raise their hand to ask a question. or is it more important to have a series of presentations with perhaps some questions at the end that you’d like to take from the audience? getting your agenda together before selecting a platform is sometimes the best way to start. this way we can see what you need from your conference and in turn work out what will work best for you and your event.

a platform we love as it offers so much variety is hubseven. hubseven is a virtual conference software that can be adapted to fit your virtual needs. add information about your speakers and sponsors to dedicated pages. run polls throughout to engage the audience, and/or opt for the question and answer box to keep engagement high throughout. 

what is the outcome required

when setting your goals for a virtual conference it is important to have a clear idea of what the required outcome is. do you need more members at your association, or perhaps you need to engage potential clients who you wish to work with on upcoming projects. whatever the desired outcome make sure to decide and make it clear to your team before going further with selecting your virtual conference software. if you have a clear idea of your required outcome you can share this with speakers and guests when sending invitations. making these objectives obvious to speakers helps them to tailor their presentations or case studies to the audience which makes for smoother content.  

who and how do you want to invite

this is a very important part of virtual events and is often overlooked. this is the first impression your invitees will have of you and your company, and of the event. so what does it tell them? of course the content going into the invitation is important – when, how to login, what’s being presented, and who are the speakers. but how you invite guests is also very important as this is the first thing they will receive from you regarding the event. you could get creative and send an invitation video to people. get them introduced to the conference as it means to go on – this is a unique concept to get your audience engaged in your virtual conference platform uk before your conference gets started.

we recommended using our delegate management system to invite guests. through this system you are able to balance event logistics such as email messaging, attendee management, payment processing, housing and travel. you can also have access to responsive modern website builds which adapt to pc, mobile and tablet formats. there’s also reporting on event status’ and easy tracking of registrations. it basically does all your admin for you!

this is just an overview of setting goals for virtual conferences but if you have a brief you want to discuss, get in touch today. we are experts in virtual and in-person events so call us on +44 (0) 207 659 4430 or get in contact at info@sevenevents.co.uk.