a new virtual game show

a new virtual game show

good news – lockdown is easing, and none of us can stop talking about it or wait! finally, some light at the end of the tunnel and 21st june will be a date i’m sure we all remember.

in the meantime though, that’s a few months to go, so rather than sit and wait around, why not continue to keep everyone’s spirits up and continue to get involved in some virtual activities or team building with your colleagues, to keep social before that big date.

at sevenevents, we’ve got a brand new game show, bringing back our old favourites of the ’80s, ’90s and 2000’s such as the generation game, family fortunes and who wants to be a millionaire. if you’re too young to know these games, then you missed out, and now is your chance to try!

tried and tested on a friday night with the sevenevents gang and our professional host…along with a few drinks, we split into two teams and went head to head on each round, with a different gameshow per round each team tried to compete on their favourite, needless to say, it got competitive. i personally have always wanted to win a million pounds, so i opted for that one doing my best not to cheat. a friday night well spent.

with other add ons such as prizes for the winners, food and drink hampers, team t-shirts or jumpers, virtual teambuilding can be really enhanced into an event to remember, rather than just another zoom call.

this activity is booking up, so get in touch with us at info@sevenevents.co.uk for more info or to book any other virtual fun!