Abbey Road

Abbey Road

As the newbie at Seven Events events, it was an absolute dream to be able to see an event take place at the legendary Abbey Road Studios within my first 2 weeks in my new role – The most famous studios in the world. This iconic venue has always been on my bucket list and I can now say that it’s been officially ticked off.

I found the experience overwhelming and I was in complete awe as I learnt about the rich history of the bands, singers and orchestras whose presence has graced the studios over the many years.

The venue is the epitome of ‘cool’ and I’m sure the novelty of working there and organising events there, never wears thin. It was a very special evening for the CIOT and the event was a huge success. The production, catering and overall organisation from Seven Events created a seamless and magical experience.

I also feel very lucky to have witnessed a live choir performing some Beatles songs acapella – This really bought the space to life.

This versatile venue is definitely a place I hope to see again. It adds such a unique element to each event making it memorable to those who attend.