activities in amsterdam

activities in amsterdam

amsterdam is becoming more and more popular. whether you have a conference there, an incentive trip or team building weekend – it is a flexible destination with lots of different activities to do that you may not think of! amsterdam is easy to get to from london, you can either fly or board the eurostar, a more sustainable way of travelling. there are activities that you may have heard of such as the heineken experience and anne frank’s house. both great experiences that are also educational. here are some of the activities we recommend in amsterdam.

the grand dutch food tour:

take part in a tour that consists of 6 tastings of traditional dutch food. you will not be disappointed as you get to try dutch apple pie, dutch cheese and plenty more. you also have 3 drinks included. there are plenty of different route to take. you will have your own guide who will lead you on your tour and provide information about all the different dutch food. it is a great way to see the city, and to dive into the dutch culture with some delicious food and drink.


for a more physical activity, you can take part in stand-up paddle boarding on the canals of amsterdam. you can choose what type of sup tour you take part in from beer and pizza to cleaning up the canal. if you go for the beer and pizza option, you will get to enjoy the beautiful scenery the city has to offer whilst you eat pizza and drink beer! clean up sup is great for the environment, you will all have your own buckets and nets, as you paddle through the stunning canals you can clean them up at the same time! if you get a full bucket, you get a free drink!

a’dam look out

this activity is not for people who hate heights! a’dam lookout is an observation deck that has a panoramic view of amsterdam with plenty of famous locations to spot. it is located on the top of the a’dam tower in amsterdam north. for the thrill seekers, you can get your adrenaline rush on europe’s highest swing called over the edge. you will sit in a swing that is 100 metres above the ground with the lovely amsterdam below your feet. or you can sit in the amsterdam vr ride, a unique virtual reality rollercoaster. for a more relaxed activity, you can enjoy drinks or dinner, as you look out over the city of amsterdam.

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