Add Social Wall In Your Next Virtual Event To Engage Attendees

Social Wall in Virtual Event

Add Social Wall In Your Next Virtual Event To Engage Attendees

With the world adopting new technologies and discovering new ideas, virtual events have become a new reality. People have started realizing the benefits of a virtual event over a physical one.

Many businesses have started organizing virtual events by using strategies to ensure their success.

One such strategy is to incorporate a social media wall in virtual events to keep the audience engaged.

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How Does A Social Wall Work?

Social walls or social media walls are nothing but live content aggregated from different social media platforms displayed in one place so that you can increase engagement.

Posts that have your branded hashtag or handle are embedded in the display, which updates to new content automatically.

Social Wall Work

Social walls have many benefits, but the most prominent one is that they will keep the audience hooked during your virtual event without any distractions. Read here the benefits of the social walls in virtual events.

Benefits Of Social Wall In Virtual Event

1. Use Social Wall For Pre-event Promotions

Using Social Wall with aggregated UGC during the event is one thing, but using Social Wall even before the event starts is different.

You can use it as an advertising tool to promote your event. You can display the social wall on your website or digital signages at your premises.

When people come across the social media wall and see how many people are talking about your virtual event, they will get curious because people love social media.

They will search about your event, which will improve your SEO, and when they realize that the virtual event is something they would want to be a part of, it will increase the number of your attendees.


2. Create A Sense Of Community

When we talk about creating a sense of community, many things are involved. It begins with creating a unique hashtag that is memorable and relatable.

The relatability factor will encourage your attendees to use it. When they use these hashtags, you can collect the UGC to display on the Social wall.

When you do so, you encourage more people to post, which will create conversations.

You can stay assured that your audience will remain active throughout the whole event.

3. Give Your Virtual Event A Global Voice

Social Media is all about connecting with new people from all across the world. A social wall makes your virtual event visible to a bigger audience and creates a global community

When people post about your event using your unique hashtag, it will make your virtual event visible to a larger audience, more specifically, a global one.

Since the event is virtual and can be accessed anywhere and everywhere, be ready to receive some international attendees.

4. Create Interactive Social Wall

Audience interaction is crucial for any event to become a success. So why should your virtual event stay behind?

Use your social wall to organize polls and create ice-breaking sessions. Twitter has a newly added feature that helps you conduct polls. You can do the same and display the results on your social wall.

Another thing you can do is organize a hashtag contest to raise the competitive spirit of the attendees.

Such interactive sessions with the help of a social wall will make your virtual event interactive and memorable for the attendees.

5. Attract Potential Audience For Upcoming Events

When you incorporate a social media wall in your virtual event, you get ensured with some unique content to display during the event.

You can also display brochures of your upcoming event and, in a way, advertise them. You can also provide pre-registrations for the same.

Another thing you can do is, you can collect the user-generated content for your future marketing campaigns.

You can embed the content on your website for visitors to see and influence them to take part in your upcoming events.

6. A Space For Your Sponsors

A social wall comes with many opportunities for your brand. Give a similar opportunity to your sponsors by providing them with a space on your social media wall.

You can embed their social media posts along with yours to bring them to the attendees’ attention.

The attendees will interact with the sponsored posts, which will give them positive engagement.

They will turn into your loyal sponsors who will be ready to sponsor your future events as well.

Over To You

Once you incorporate Social Wall, you can be assured to have a very successful virtual event. It comes with benefits like high engagement, increasing credibility, enhanced social media presence, and much more.

We come to the end of this blog, and you got to know how adding Social Wall to your virtual event can Engage your attendees.