Alternate Mother’s Day Gifts

Alternate Mother’s Day Gifts

Time seems to be passing faster and faster every year, therefore special occasions are coming round quicker than ever, meaning we all need to start getting more creative with our gift ideas. So with Mother’s Day approaching we’ve found three alternate ways of treating that very special woman in your life this weekend.


Box of Chocolates

Now we all love them, and they are a firm mother’s day favourite, but this year why not go that extra mile and take your mum to a chocolate workshop. Becoming ever more popular in the capital, with classes popping up everywhere, you can make anything from traditional Belgian truffles to chocolate martinis. Certainly an upgrade to that box of Milk Tray.




Bottle of Wine

Why buy one bottle of one type of wine when you can attend the Social Sips: Mother’s Day tasting event. Professional ‘Sipologists’ will teach you all about pairing wines and helping you to learn what suits you and your palate in a friendly and laid back environment.




Bunch of Flowers

Arguably the most popular mother’s day gift, this mother’s day take your mum to the ‘The Iris’ – an installation by British artist Rebecca Louise Law, who has transformed the Now Gallery in Greenwich into a flower filled wonderland. 10,000 blue, purple and white irises hanging from the ceiling create a beautiful location to spend some quality time with mum.