Should we still be attending networking events in 2020?

Should we still be attending networking events in 2020?

In today’s online obsessed world, its incredibly easy to build relationships with colleagues, clients and suppliers over email, social media and the good old fashioned telephone – so how important is it to take time out of our busy schedules to attend face to face networking events?

For us, attending networking events is a reminder of why we love the events industry – we wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the buzz of filling rooms with excited delegates. It’s a great opportunity to refresh your perspective, meet new suppliers and return to the office with something interesting to share.

Of course, the biggest pull is the opportunity to cultivate genuine relationships with people that are built on trust. I’m sure we’ve all said “it’s great to put a face to a name” at some point in our working careers and that’s exactly what an industry networking event allows you to do – you’ll nearly always make more progress in person than over email.

Call us biased, but we see a huge amount of value in sending our teams out to networking events – this year we’re attending DMC showcases, IMEX, FAM trips and site visits all to help us stay on top of industry trends and build those all-important relationships with clients and suppliers.