Beat the January Blues!

Beat the January Blues!

The excitement of Christmas and New Year is over, everyone’s on a diet and to make things worse, we’ve spent all of our money four weeks before payday – how on earth are we going to survive what feels like the longest month of the year?!

Bust the January blues by taking a look at our top three FREE events to attend in London this month:

1 – Wave  

Taken from the ancient healing concept of Chromotherapy, Wave is a light installation offering visitors an interactive light and voice experience like no other. Located in Eccleston Yards in the heart of Belgravia until the 11th January, 500 suspended orbs light up the venue in an immersive experience which is sure to bring a wave of calm to your mind and body.


2 – Condo London 2020 

Condo is a collaboration of 46 galleries from around the globe, exhibiting in London from the 11 January through to the 8 February 2020. 17 Galleries will open across Central London all of which are free of charge to enter – expect it to be busy though as this is a unique exhibition not to be missed!


3 – Chinese New Year! 

Welcome the year of the rat by taking part in a spectacular celebration in the heart of London’s West End. The largest Chinese New Year celebration outside of Asia sees thousands of people flock to see unique performances and enjoy traditional Chinese and Cantonese cuisine. This year the celebrations will take place on the 26 January and by this time, you’ll almost be at payday!