benefits of virtual events

benefits of virtual events

as i am sure you may be aware the world of virtual events is most definitely upon us so in this blog, we are going to take you through some quick-fire benefits of virtual events.

  • flexibility

because virtual events take place online, the way in which you format your event and broadcast to your attendees has lots of flexibility. sessions can have greater levels of interaction than simply sitting in an audience in a venue and every attendee has a voice.

  • global reach

there is no need for guests to travel anywhere when your event is based online. not only is this extremely beneficial for budgets, but it means that the environmental footprint of your event is also smaller. you can easily promote your event by sharing the link allowing people from across the world can join instantly. hosting a virtual event allows planners to grow their audience and get everyone to participate, no matter where they live.

  • measurable feedback

having an event online within a virtual event platform means it is much easier to gain a deeper insight into audience behaviour and engagement. sophisticated reporting tools means that organisers will be able to view such metrics as dwell time, download rates and the number of attendees.

here at SevenEvents we are here to help you through the virtual event landscape. we have developed our own virtual event platform “HubSeven” to help ensure you have success in the online world. for more information please contact us at: or call +44(0) 207 659 4430.