The Benefits of working with an Event Agency

The Benefits of working with an Event Agency

As an event management agency no one is telling you how to run your events – you work for your company, you know your event and it’s topic better than we do – but there are so many benefits of working with an event management agency on your events that we wanted to highlight just a few for you.

Being that support – Your focus is the event itself and how it’s going to run particularly in the lead up to the event itself. By having us involved we can be that support for you and take away the pressure of you having to deal with the venue and suppliers. This allows you to concentrate on the finer details from your side and we can then liaise with you. Who wouldn’t rather receive one email from us rather than 50 emails from everyone else?

Handling the unexpected – As much as any of us can plan our event the unexpected will always happen. Be it your laptop not connecting with the projector properly, an unexpected delegate or someone failing to tell you they were a vegetarian… the list is endless. This is where our onsite team come into their own. We handle this on a daily basis and our job is to foresee any problems in advance and stop them from happening in the first place. If they do, then we deal with it quickly and effectively without it having to distract you from the smooth running of your event.

An extra brain – Not everyone we deal with is an event manager – some are PA’s, Marketing Assistants etc. As much as events are part of their role it’s not always their sole focus, unlike us. We’ve proven time and again with our clients that an extra brain makes a big difference. We often think about the details that you might not – that’s our job! By using us the need to ‘handle the unexpected’ happens less as we’ve already thought about what could happen and stopped it before it does.

The last minute event – Everyone has had that meeting with their boss where suddenly they announce that they want to hold an event in 2 weeks’ time and can’t understand why it doesn’t just happen overnight. Wouldn’t it make your life less stressful when that happens to you if you had that one person you could call who could help? That’s us.

Obviously a long lead time is always preferable however our knowledge of venues is vast and being able to tap into that and have someone turn a proposal round in super quick time is invaluable.

If you’ve read this and felt like any of these points would help you then get in touch. We’d love to show you all the benefits there are to having us work with you on your future events.