bonjour paris

bonjour paris

when it comes to incentives, paris can be overlooked but it is a great location. the flight time is 1 hour and 20 minutes or you can take the eurostar which takes 2 hours and 30 minutes. there is plenty to do there from activities to sightseeing to the french delicacy.

retro tour

paris has many famous momnuments and sights to see, so it is a must to go on a tour to truly learn about paris. a unique and enjoyable way to see the sights is on a retro tour, where you will be driven around on a vintage motorbike and sidecar. the tour lasts 3 and a half hours, with a 30-minute break to take some pictures and enjoy a glass of champagne. the vehicles can hold 1-2 people plus your own english-speaking tour guide.

food tour of the latin quarter

this tour is a great way to try the different food paris has to offer. the tour lasts 3 hours and you will try mouth-watering food from 5 different places. as you take in the delicious flavours, your guide will teach you about the culture, history and food scene the latin quarter offers. you will hear about the journey of the food, how it is prepared and the people who prepare it.

electric car tour

you will have your chauffer drive you around paris in an iconic car. this is a different way to see paris, as you are taken on a journey through the centuries of history told by your chauffer. you can sit back and relax as you learn about this stunning city and all of what it has to offer.

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