We have a number of Birthdays in the office in April (mine included) and in honour of this we have found some of the best bakeries in London – many of which we have tried of course. These bakeries are perfect for birthday muffins or for any cheeky time-of-the-day treats!


Fleet River Bakery

As well as serving an ever popular weekend brunch and doling out quiches and sandwiches to the hungry lunchtime crowds, this Fleet River Bakery has a heavily-loaded counter of cakes and bakes. The brownies are a firm favourite, as is the chocolate Guinness cake when they have it, but don’t miss the Hummingbird – coconut, banana and pineapple cake with a cream cheese icing – which was sweet-but-not-too-sweet in that dangerous way that means you could eat it all day.


Marc Patisserie

This Selfridge’s boutique sits at the highest point of London’s high-end sweet scene. It’s run by Marlon Abela who is chairman of MARC restaurants (including restaurants The Greenhouse and Umu) and specialises in patisserie, macarons and chocolates. The eclairs are a highlight — in flavours such as English breakfast tea, banoffee, cassis and elderflower.


Maison Bertaux

Maison Bertaux claims to be the oldest patisserie in London (established in 1871), and with no way to verify that we’re inclined to trust them – the old-school till certainly supports it. If nothing else, it’s certainly a Soho institution, partly because it hasn’t followed the lead of many other successful bakeries and gone corporate, and partly because the patisserie is just so good. The almond and apricot cake is lovely, as are the cheesecake and eclairs.


Hummingbird Bakery

No cake guide would be complete without mentioning Hummingbird, one of the first big-name cupcake cafes in London after the cupcake craze travelled across the pond from the Magnolia Bakery in New York (thanks, in part, to Sex and the City). Fare is properly American, from whoopie pies to Mississippi mud pie, via some very brightly coloured icing, and the classic carrot cake is legendary. There are six branches across London, but the original Notting Hill one remains the best.



The shelves and shelves of perfectly-piped biscuit wonders at The Biscuiteers boutique incite a sort of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory-esque wonder. Its huge range of themed tins make great gifts for any occasion and you can have a go at icing your own at the ‘icing cafe’.