5 Christmas Party Ideas To Inject Laughter Into The Remote Employees

Christmas Party Gifts

5 Christmas Party Ideas To Inject Laughter Into The Remote Employees

Dare we say it, but Christmas is fast approaching! With remote working sticking around, virtual Christmas parties are still on the cards for this year. There is a heap of online team building activities out there for you to choose from. The Christmas party is something everyone looks forward to, so we think it is very important to try and replicate as best as possible the environment from a live Christmas party into a virtual one. We have compiled 5 ideas that are sure to make sure your employees are laughing throughout! 

Gift Boxes 

We recommend sending a Christmas gift box to all remote employees for them to open at the beginning or just prior to the virtual event. In these, you can include everything your employees will need to have a good time. We suggest including drinks and snacks for guests to enjoy throughout. Add some Christmas novelties such as crackers, fun Christmas glasses and personalised baubles. Pairing this with one of our online team building activities is the perfect way to host a remote Christmas party!

The Host 

There is no better way to inject laughter into a corporate team building activity than having a good comedic host. The host holds together the whole event and can make sure there are no awkward silences! You can give this role to a senior member of staff or look to hire in a professional compere or very well known comedian. 

Activity – Host a virtual house party 

Looking for fast-paced and fully interactive corporate team building activity in the UK, then this is the one for you! This is a mashup of all the best game show rounds you see on tv. Prior to the event teams will receive a party pack of mystery goodies that will help them take part in the activities. On the day of the event, everyone will join the call and will be split into teams.  Everyone will then take part in a series of hilarious challenges. Games could include, wheel of fortune, true or false, mini guiness world record challenge and even a catwalk challenge. This activity will have your employees laughing throughout. 

Activity – Festive Around The World 

The festive season brings everyone together in the UK and around the world. This is a fun, interactive activity that takes you on a virtual adventure to learn unique festive traditions of different nations around the world. Employees will use their own smartphones and log into an immersive app to be able to take part. Teams will compete in a variety of trivia tasks and creative challenges in a variety of virtual destinations such as Spain, South Africa, Thailand and many more. This activity is festive and the video and picture challenges are bound to leave your employees in fits of laughter. 

Activity – virtual musical bingo 

This activity was a massive hit with our clients last year and we expect it will be again this year! This is a great activity to bring remote teams together for a lot of fun and a good laugh. Hosted by a compere, guests will compete against each other in a number of rounds. Each round will take on a different theme such as christmas classics, a particular decade or just a quirky topic. Get ready to see all your colleagues up and dancing for this activity! 

Activity – Drinks Masterclass 

This is a classic activity and one that we don’t think can ever go wrong, especially during the festive season! This doesn’t need to be a long experience but maybe just a 30-45 minute opener into the evening, to help everyone relax and get into the spirit of the event. Based on your audience, you can choose what masterclass to do. Choose from multiple options, such as cocktail masterclass, wine tasting, gin tasting, whiskey tasting and many many more. An online virtual activity like this is great as it also means guests receive something prior to the event which in turn helps build up excitement! 

These are just a few tips to help with your virtual festive event. We have so many amazing virtual festive activities ideas we can offer and can help arrange all the additional extras such as gifting that really bring your event to life.