collaboration not competition

collaboration not competition

one thing that is very clear whilst looking at guidelines for us getting back to events is that we are all going to have to work together.

this has always been the case our wonderful world of the event industry, and we’re good at it, but it’s even more important now. and that means everyone – venues, suppliers, agencies, corporates.

we are all working to the same common goal – to get our industry back on its feet.

to do this we will all need to agree, we will all need to take responsibility for the event and its guests, and we will all need to work as one team.

already we’ve heard of venues who are preparing to open having a different take on social distancing. some say 2 metres, other 1 metre plus. it shouldn’t just be a case of ‘lets get as many people in as possible’, it needs to be what is safe.

we all need to take on that responsibility. venues will state what they believe is safe and what the rules in their venue will be. agencies and suppliers need to take on the responsibility of doing their own risk assessments. planning meetings need to take place with all parties and honest conversations need to be had, and documented, about what the procedure will be if guests don’t adhere to the rules we’ve all set.

we all want our guests to still feel welcome – but we do all have a responsibility to do this safely.

the key here is we need to collaborate, not compete, whilst remembering to communicate!