come on barbie, let’s go party: what the barbie movie teaches us about event planning

come on barbie, let’s go party: what the barbie movie teaches us about event planning

captivating the world of cinema, the barbie movie has been all the buzz in recent weeks. if you’re anything like us, you’ve filled up on popcorn to laugh, cry and sing along to the movie already. yet, as event planners, we couldn’t help but notice how the movie and its marketing tactics can help guide us when managing an event.

the sense of anticipation in the build up to the release was created through shared experiences for the audience, with everything from pop up stands, brand partnerships and a boom of pink clothing in stores. these allow all demographics of viewers to unite in sharing selfies in barbie boxes or digging out their old pink clothes. but how does this apply to the event industry?

starting early with announcements by teasing the event’s theme or special features ensures eagerness for your corporate event. for example, why not try a teaser video for your incentive destination or a reveal for the guest speaker? as the event draws nearer, implement countdowns and interactive contests to maintain momentum.

starting in barbie land, viewers are transported to a place of pink paradise with even the smallest details reminding us of our own time playing with barbie. the fantastic theming teaches us that a thoughtfully chosen and creatively designed theme can transport event guests to a world of wonder and leave a lasting impression. create experiences that bond guests with themed photobooths, immersive entertainment and bespoke set designs that make them feel like they’re part of a magical journey. the movie encourages event planners to embrace imagination and attention to detail to bring themes to life.

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