conference activities

conference activities

when you are hosting an event over more than one day, we recommend adding in some short activities to help break up the meeting part of your event. these could be at the start of day as an ice breaker, in the middle or as a nice way to round up. below are a few ideas that are very popular with our clients:

mindfulness workshop

this session will be lead by a mindfulness coach and they will begin by explaining what mindfulness is and what it means to live more mindfully. you will discuss how to find mindfulness moments in a busy life. you will look at a daily schedule for a busy person and find where best to take 15 minutes for yourself. the session will include the benefits of mediation and practicing in the morning, to send you into the day focused, versus in the evening, allowing you to set goals for the next day.

smoothie bike

the perfect way to start the day. cycle to make your own smoothies; everyone gets active and refreshed. guests can choose their ingredients to make their own bespoke smoothie.

junk funk

transform your group of any size into a high-performance junk percussion orchestra. piles of very strange but familiar looking items soon become the bizarre sections of your orchestra. just like the real thing, we have mini teams playing vital different musical parts!

diy donut kits

grab yourself a donut diy kit. decorate, design and devour four doughnuts of your very own, the perfect tasty and fun event break.

best of british tasting

great britain is a world-beating nation when it comes to drinks, whether it be beer, whisky, gin or even wine! our best of british tasting is a celebration of the very best of these drinks and a great way to entertain your team

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