Corporate Incentive Travel Program Tips for 2022

Corporate Incentive Travel

Corporate Incentive Travel Program Tips for 2022

What is corporate incentive travel? This is a way for companies to reward their employees who are performing well with a holiday or experience paid for by the company. This is a way to incentivise their top-performing employees or encourage those who may not be to improve performance. Companies can decide if this reward is for a group or singular person, with or without their families or a plus 1. The companies must ensure that they launch the incentive well from the outset, stating clear goals and deadlines that will allow them to qualify for the experience. It needs to be done transparently and enticingly so that employees are inspired to partake in mass. 


1. Make it meaningful

It is important that whatever incentive trip or experience is on offer can encourage employees to perform to the highest level and will leave them with lasting memories. This needs to be something that not only motivates top performers who want to be rewarded again but those that missed out to put in the extra effort to make it next time. Consider what will work best for the group; if this is one or more nights, will it impact time away from their family on the weekend or is it during the week when there is a quieter business period? It’s important to make sure that the incentive, although a reward, is not adding stress in other areas that may demotivate in the long run. Make sure you know your employees well enough to determine the trip type that would appeal to them most, and if you don’t, do some research. With numerous decision-makers discussing the incentive travel programs during conception, it is imperative that they don’t choose something they want to do but that which will make their employees most eager to perform well. 

2. Consult an expert

Businesses often require the services of corporate incentive travel companies to manage some or all elements of their incentive travel programmes. At Seven Events, we know how to create an incentive trip that will motivate, reward and inspire. Our highly experienced and passionate team research continually to ensure we are sourcing the latest and most imaginative solutions possible. We are an experienced conference and incentive travel agency with a network of trusted contacts across the globe. We pride ourselves on our destination knowledge and worldwide contact base, allowing us to offer not just corporate incentive travel but full overseas event management of all kinds, including conference events, networking receptions, sales kick-offs, accommodation management and ground handling services. Unlike other incentive travel companies, we work as an extension of your team and take the time to get to know your business and objectives.

3. Keep it varied

Incentive group travel can be luxurious and high-end, or it can be adventurous and authentic. There are multiple options to go with multiple personalities of the participants year on year. It is important to consider previous feedback as well as current opinions on destinations, hotels, activities, etc. Companies frequently lose focus on the true target – the employees they are trying to motivate, so year on year, re-consider your target audience – including their demographics and abilities. Additionally, with the gifting you provide on trips, tailor it for each programme – you don’t want your employees to have the same swag each year; it needs to be kept fresh and exciting to continue the momentum over the years.

4. Build a tailored programme 

With help from corporate incentive travel companies, you will be able to explore a number of itineraries and locations to create the perfect group experience for your next corporate incentive. Endless destinations offer unique experiences to fit almost any budget, and all programmes are completely tailor-made and adapted to suit your company’s needs. Rest assured that Seven Events can make any corporate trip right for you and your brand. Some things to consider include the length of the trip, travel time for the groups, transport logistics depending on winners’ locations, time of year, and the usp of the trip. For example, your group may be interested in team bonding if they don’t typically have much interaction. Or they may want some extra leisure time if it’s been a particularly busy period. They may have a sedentary job day to day and want to have a few days of adventure. On occasion, it is necessary for a meeting to be included in the itinerary. However, it is key that these do not take over and the real focus of the experience is enjoyment rather than work functions. It’s always a good idea to make the trip as authentic as possible, whether ensuring you sample the local cuisine, take a moped tour through old towns or embrace activities synonymous with the area – whatever it is, build a programme that represents the group and the location.