Craving Chocolate…?

Craving Chocolate…?

Our love for chocolate is never ending. If you feel the same way, why not try get your hands dirty and get crafting your own at a chocolate-making class!  Take a look at some of our favourites and let us know what you think!

Le Cordon Bleu London

The short course teaches students all about chocolate, its origins, its quirks and the process that turns this humble fruit into the chocolate we all love. After a brief demonstration, you’ll learn the art of tempering as well as hand rolling, moulding and piping. You will also be taught how to produce moulded chocolate shells from tempered chocolate and how to decorate them. The short course only lasts 2.5 hours, but teaches you everything you need to know about creating the tastiest chocolate creations.

The Cocoa Box

Under their expert guidance, and within 2 hours, you will learn how to mix, pipe, roll, enrobe and decorate with a variety of delictable toppings. Package your very own delicious Belgian truffles with ribbons and bags and take home a detailed recipe sheet. Chocolate heaven.

Cookery School

The day will start with a Cookery School breakfast followed by a chocolate tasting, which will include top brands as well as some of the more popular but more adulterated brands to understand what makes for the best chocolate.  Throughout the day you will then learn the techniques necessary to make your own truffles and different shaped chocolates.

Paul.A. Young

Throughout the day each participant will roll, temper, coat and decorates their own set of around 40 truffles and several bars, as well as gaining a solid grounding in the science behind the chocolate. The class is representative of Paul A Young’s truly artisanal process, with only the simplest technology in the kitchen and the rest done by hand. This means that the skills learned are very much transferrable to home cooking!