creative with activities

creative with activities

understandably this year we’re getting a lot of enquiries for company incentives within the uk and one of the things that we always talk about at length is the activity element.

we’re finding that many of our clients have done the standard ‘country pursuits’ and whilst they definitely still have their place, our challenge is always to come up with new and creative ideas that your staff and guests are going to talk about in months to come.

so we just wanted to show you that there are some different activities out there that will get your groups excited:

grapefruit bombing
yes you read that right! teams will take to the skies in this activity where you are taught the basics of flying a plane, while your partner tries to hit the target at the aerodrome with a grapefruit. different, fun, and an activity that you’ll remember forever!

drive a morgan
for all you car lovers out there this is a must. based from the motor company itself, you have a chance to take the helm of a morgan and experience it’s uniqueness on the race track or the open road. you don’t get more quintessentially english than this!

making waves
if we can’t travel as soon as expected then you can still hit the waves in bristol! the wave offers a range of surf lessons for all abilities, delivered by an experienced team of qualified coaches. you’ll be a pro in no time!

here at sevenevents we like a challenge, and consistently coming up with something new and exciting ideas is what we’re all about. so next time you want to do something different with your group contact us and let us show you what we can do.