Creative Decorating Ideas for Virtual Events and Small Gatherings

Décor of a small gathering

Creative Decorating Ideas for Virtual Events and Small Gatherings

The coronavirus pandemic has impacted our social life and restricted gatherings to smaller groups. In most cases, they’ve been moved to virtual event services. It’s a change that everyone is still getting used to. But, planning virtual events and small gatherings pose a new challenge for event management companies in London. How does one decorate to make an event engaging as well as safe?

Check out our creative decorating ideas for virtual events and small gatherings.

1. Customised Backdrops

If you’re hosting a virtual event on Zoom, then you probably feel limited in terms of decorations. One fun way to put a spin on it is by using customised backdrops. You can divide the participants into teams and assign each of them with a unique backdrop.

If you’re hosting a webinar or a talk, you can have backdrops of different color pallets that characterise the attendees and speakers.

2. Use props

For a small outdoor gathering, you can use different props that suit the nature of your event. You can get creative and post health safety guidelines on the props. Introduce customised facemasks, with colorful designs and patterns.

If you have the resources, you can raise awareness by displaying mannequins and putting your unique masks on them.

3. Use lighting

Lighting is an excellent way to decorate your events. It’s also a great way to encourage people to pay attention to important things. You can put lights around posters.

If you’re hosting an outdoor gathering, you can put lights on bushes. Another creative way is to make the social distancing circles with strands of fairy lights or LED lights. It’s an excellent idea to reinforce social distancing of 2m as well as decorating the venue.

4. Choose a theme

Hosting an event with a thematic touch is a brilliant idea. You can select an era for inspiration, like the ‘70s or ‘80s. You can incorporate the colors of these themes on the furniture, walls, ceiling, and the lights. Make sure to incorporate a playlist from the same era into the theme.

Thematic events are a beautiful way to turn your attendees into a living, breathing decorative pieces. We can all use a breath of fresh air by experiencing a different era than our own.

5. Use shades for outdoors

Summertime events in the outdoor can be uncomfortable if the temperature is too high. The best way to deal with this while also decorating your event venue is to use shades.

Installing colorful umbrella shades or tents in the park will be a great idea to deal with the temperature and make everyone comfortable.


Creative decorations are a sure way to lighten people up and make an event engaging.

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