deciding your event style

deciding your event style

there are many corporate event styles, each with different objectives. when referring to a corporate event many will think of a boardroom conference styled event. your event type will usually be taken from a decision of what the goals and objectives are for the business and the event. for example, is it to celebrate achievements therefore you might include a gala dinner evening or awards. is it to team build which then might change to incorporate activities and a chance for attendees to network.

there are different variations of event styles, such as recognition events, a way to reward employees. these might be held at restaurants, abroad, or exclusive venues. these events usually include some sort of experience.

another event style might be a product launch, companies might host a product launch to create a buzz around a new release. these events usually include more production as it will be to highlight the venue and product.

conferences are a known event style; these events will include an informative element. as this style of event has grown, conferences have evolved into including sections that take out the boardroom conference only format. they can include gala dinner evenings, team building activities or breakouts covering different session points.

another common event style is exhibitions, they are usually big on production and can include sponsorships. these events typically have many attendees and where tickets are provided.

many event styles are flexible and adaptable where they can be held either in person or virtually. the event style will be decided on the objectives and budget. different event sections from each style can be combined to create the right event build.

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