do something that makes you happy…

do something that makes you happy…

knowing that we’ve now got at least another few weeks of lockdown ahead of us we’re all feeling the pressure of being ‘told’ that we need to learn a new skill and come out of this time a more rounded person…. in my case that may just be rounded because of eating too much food!

however personally i have bought myself a sketch pad and some pencils to while away a few hours and rediscover my love of sketching, and i’ve also signed up to a british sign language course online as that’s something i’ve always wanted to do but “never had the time”. now i just have to put down the biscuits and get going!

however there are lots of things that you may have always wanted to see or do that won’t take lots of effort or time and still give you that sense of achievement we’re craving…

turn to the cookbook

i think it’s safe to say that we’re all going from one meal to the next and what we’re eating is the highlight of our day. so why not pull out one of those cookbooks that have been gathering dust on the shelf for a while or find a recipe from your favourite chef or restaurant and recreate that meal you’re missing. the sense of achievement will be great!

get cultured

i’m sure you’ve wondered if maybe you would like ballet or perhaps opera has to be seen to be believed, and lets face it, it’s an expensive ticket to buy and then find out that it’s not your bag.

so you’ll be pleased to know that the royal opera house are showing both during the lockdown.

check out and if you find it isn’t for you, you don’t have to wait til the interval to walk out, or you’ll have discovered a new passion that you want to explore when life gets back to normal!

go to a happy place

some people may say there is no happier place than disneyland and if you’ve never been or you were supposed to be there on your easter holiday’s you’ll be pleased to know that you can visit via youtube and even go on the rides. which for a scaredy cat like me is the perfect way to experience all these without actually having to queue and then scream the whole way round!