don’t slide into a slump

don’t slide into a slump

we understand that everyone feels that they’ve been working from home forever (we’re in week 16 ourselves here at SevenEvents) and you’re now proficient in zoom calls and microsoft teams meetings. just when you think you’ve done every virtual quiz out there and know all the questions that are going to come up… but you’re still not on the winning team (how is that??), and there’s only so many social distancing walks and drinks you can do… heed our warning.
don’t slide into a slump!

we’re all feeling it, but this is the time to really engage your staff and clients with something different.

the novelty of this whole situation has worn off and whilst some kind of normality is creeping back in, it’s not the normality we’re used to and craving.
we’re all still wanting that human contact and are missing our work mates probably more now than we did at the beginning. so why not let us help you have some fun?

as avid readers of our blogs and newsletters will know, we have a plethora of great activities to get the whole team involved – big or small – and they’re different to what you’ve been doing with your friends on a friday night. you know us, we like to be creative with our suggestions and will always go the extra mile to make our clients happy.

so give us a call on 0207 659 4430 or drop us an email on and both you and your team will be thanking us after having the most fun you’ve had in weeks!