Emerging destinations ideal for your next Incentive

Emerging destinations ideal for your next Incentive

In a world that is becoming increasingly accessible, finding new and untouched incentive destinations that most delegates have not already visited is a never-ending battle.

At SevenEvents we are always striving to keep our incentive destinations and programmes fresh and exciting, and always looking further afield for the next ‘hot ticket’.

The emerging destinations catching our eyes that we think are perfect for your next incentive are the following


This a beautiful but not so well-known destination that has not been experienced by many, compared to its neighbour Croatia.  It’s a cost-effective option compared to other sunny Euro destinations, but its mix of culture, spectacular scenery, crystal clear waters and an array of activities unique to the destination make it a must-visit.  Our favourite property here?  It has to be the Aman Sveti Stefan, a beautiful village-like resort and by far the most exclusive. 


Considered far safer in recent years with great infrastructure being built to manage incentive groups, Colombia is booming.  From the buzzing, high altitude city of Bogotá with its lively food scene; the incredible Medellín with its fascinating, very recent history, through to the wonderful Cartagena and its Caribbean coast, Colombia offers a diverse range for a multi-hub incentive. 


Looking for that perfect opportunity to dig out the cowboy boots and plaid shirt? Whilst most Northern U.S. cities have been done to death by incentive groups, Nashville has fully established itself as the newest entertainment capital in the U.S., through its famous music history and more recently though perhaps less well known, its emergence as one of the U.S.’ hottest food scenes.  Great music, phenomenal food (hot chicken is a must-try), and raucous bars – your group are sure to fall in love with Nashville! 

The Azores

Just a short 2-hour flight away from the ever-popular Lisbon, The Azores are very much a new destination in terms of incentive travel and one to watch out for. These beautiful islands are full of natural wonders; the scents of tropical flowers, the sounds of waterfalls, natural swimming pools carved in rocks and volcanic peaks reaching the clouds – it’s a destination that offers unrivaled natural beauty and endless options for those groups with a taste of adventure.

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